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First Time Bikers

To help break down the barriers to bicycling for new and returning riders, we developed Ride Spot, a mobile app and online community platform designed to make every bike ride easier, safer and more fun. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting bike boom that introduced thousands of first-time riders to bicycling, we launched multiple campaigns aimed at keeping these new riders on their bikes and finding joy, freedom and opportunity on two wheels.

PeopleForBikes at Work on First Time Bikers


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How to Make Your Biking Habit Stick

April 11th, 2022

Fitness instructor Larissa Gaul lends some tips on maintaining a resolution to biking more often. ...

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Riding Bikes Is Good For Youth and Research Proves It

March 25th, 2022

A new report from the nonprofit Outride showcases how bicycling can transform student’s health and well-being for the better. We spoke with Esther Walker, Ph.D about the new findings.  ...

Photo courtesy of Bicycle Colorado's Learn to Ride program. A similar adult education class will launch in Bentonville, Arkansas, on April 4, 2022.

First Ride: Teaching Adults to Bike

March 22nd, 2022

A new educational series from nonprofit Trailblazers + ETHIC seeks to ensure every adult in Northwest Arkansas can ride if they want to. ...

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The Health Benefits of Biking for Youth

March 17th, 2022

Learn how kids in Outride’s Riding for Focus program are pedaling for social, emotional, and cognitive well-being. ...

U.C.L.A. professors are working on a user-friendly app that will allow local commuters to join ‘bike-to-work flows,’ charting routes that will be digitally translated into public art pieces.

L.A. Researchers Hope to Make ‘Bikepooling’ a Thing

February 24th, 2022

A $1 million National Science Foundation grantee aims to bring safety in numbers to underserved bike commuters, creating communal art in the process. ...

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Lessons From London’s Bike Surge

January 31st, 2022

Pandemic-era changes to the built environment dramatically shifted the urban bike landscape. But if equity had been centered, would the numbers be higher? ...