First Time Bikers

To help break down the barriers to bicycling for new and returning riders, we developed Ride Spot, a mobile app and online community platform designed to make every bike ride easier, safer and more fun. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting bike boom that introduced thousands of first-time riders to bicycling, we launched multiple campaigns aimed at keeping these new riders on their bikes and finding joy, freedom and opportunity on two wheels.

PeopleForBikes at Work on First Time Bikers


Roshun Austin, who first learned to bicycle at age 44, rides as part of a bike study tour in Amsterdam.

Biking Is (Not Just) for Boys

April 22nd, 2021

Through the personal bicycle history of Roshun Austin, we highlight the physical, cultural and societal barriers that exist for women in the U.S. ...

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What Will You Outride?

April 7th, 2021

Outride’s #WhatWillYouOutride campaign sparked a national conversation around the benefits of bicycling. ...

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Insuring Your Electric Bicycle 101

February 25th, 2021

When Tim Pembroke turned 70 back in 2011, he decided it was time to stop riding a motorcycle and start riding an electric bicycle. His son Nick worked for Everett, Washington-based McClain Insurance for a decade, so Tim asked Nick about insurance for his new ride.  ...

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Winter Riding Tips

January 25th, 2021

We know it can be pretty easy to hang up your helmet for the season once the snow starts falling, but we’re here to tell you that just because winter is here, it doesn’t mean you have to stop riding! ...

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Supporting Small Businesses By Bike

January 19th, 2021

A big lesson we all learned during the past year is the importance of small businesses in our communities. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the U.S., small businesses were hit hard, many unfortunately closing their doors for good.  ...

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How to Ride Together Even When We're Apart

January 15th, 2021

Over the past year, we’ve all learned to do some of our favorite activities a little differently. Happy hours, game nights and even Thanksgiving dinners gone virtual have shown that even though we’re physically apart, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend time together.  ...