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Over 300 industry members power the PeopleForBikes Coalition. Together, we represent the business voice of bicycling in the U.S., extending the resources, reach and influence of bike companies nationwide.

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Access to Research and Data

Corporate members of PeopleForBikes have exclusive access to NPD sell through reports of retail sales by product, category and subcategory.  You’ll also have access to our Business Intelligence Hub which houses ridership trends, retail sales and consumer insights.

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Supporting Bicycle Advocacy

We lobby elected officials and work with decision makers at all levels of government to create an environment for biking that benefits your customers and your business.

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More People on Bikes

PeopleForBikes works within the bike industry and mainstream media to promote and encourage bicycling among the general public, helping introduce new riders and new customers to the industry.

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Improved Electric Bicycle Policy

Electric bicycle laws vary by state, city and municipality and can be confusing for riders, retailers and suppliers. PeopleForBikes is making riding an electric bicycle easier and more accessible for all Americans by working to create clear rules on how and where people can ride them.

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Tariff and Supply Chain Expertise

We work to advance trade policies that allow U.S. bicycle companies to proactively plan their supply chains, adjust production to meet demand, invest in the future of the industry and increase wages.

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Industry Education Webinars

The success of the industry hinges on our collective power as bike businesses. Our webinars are carefully selected to offer insight on high priority and relevant topics to the bike industry.

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Sustainability Certification Opportunites

Members receive discounted registration to Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Sustainability Boot Camps and the OIA Climate Action Corps. Certification companies also offer members discounts on product certifications and training.

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Networking Events

Network with fellow industry professionals at our Bicycle Leadership Conference, DRAFT meetups and other PeopleForBikes events.

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Leadership Opportunities on Subcommittees

PeopleForBikes Subcommittees shape the future of the bike industry. We encourage current or future leaders from member companies to join a subcommittee to help create an environment where bicycling and bike businesses thrive.

Access to the Owner's Manual

Members can access our industry-standardized bicycle owner’s manual at a discounted annual licensing fee.

Membership starts at $1,000/year

Dues are calculated on annual sales revenue:  $1,250 for every $1 million in U.S. bicycle-related sales. Minimum membership dues are $1,000 for companies with less than $1 million in sales. Payments are generally a tax-deductible business expense.

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