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What to Expect in the First 100 Days of the New Administration and Congress

January 26th, 2021

The first 100 days of the Biden administration and the start of the 117th Congress will be packed with agency nomination hearings, a Senate impeachment trial, numerous executive orders and a legislative effort to set the agenda of the new Democratic majority. We expect Congress and the Biden adminis ...

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What a Modern Civilian Conservation Corps Could Do for Bikes

January 26th, 2021

In March 1933, only three weeks into his first term, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed a bill to Congress to create the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Congress funded the CCC in April, and by summer thousands of unemployed young men were enrolled in the program that would put them to ...

Washington, D.C. native John Shackelford is biking the 1,114 miles of the Underground Railroad.

Meet the Bicyclist Who’s Riding the Underground Railroad

September 30th, 2020

For Washington, D.C. native John Shackelford, riding a bike has always been about making a difference within himself. Growing up in Southeast Washington, D.C.’s predominantly African American quadrant, Shackelford got into bicycling in his teens after seeing some local bike messengers working around ...

Bikers at Jackson Square in Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

2020 City Ratings: Top 5 U.S. Cities for Bikes

June 9th, 2020

Due to the constantly changing dimensions of the COVID-19 crisis, we encourage you to follow all current CDC guidelines as well as local travel advisories and recommendations. Take care of yourselves and loved ones. We’re all in this together. ...

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Prioritizing Bikes in Post-Pandemic Policies in Washington, D.C.

May 21st, 2020

Regulations and policies for essential business and other activities are changing rapidly county-by-county, state-by-state and at the federal level. PeopleForBikes is continuing to advocate for bikes nationally and pulling together resources to offer you, your business and your bike riding some much ...

Biking in Colorado.

Pedaling Through The Pandemic: Staff Rides

April 15th, 2020

While we’re working from home, PeopleForBikes staff members have found a multitude of ways to stay mentally and physically active. We’ve done puzzles, walked our dogs, walked our dogs again, started doing at-home yoga classes, learned new recipes — did we mention puzzles? Despite all of the day-to-d ...

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A Dozen Bucket List Rides for 2021

January 28th, 2020

We hope you’re gearing up to take some great rides in 2021. From oceanside coastal rides in the Pacific Northwest to gravel epics in Colorado to country road cruises in New York, we’ve compiled a list of 12 can’t-miss rides from 2020. Our new Ride Spot app will get you to each and guide you to great ...

Leaders from ten different bicycle companies joined PeopleForBikes in Washington DC to advocate for bike infrastructure funding.

PeopleForBikes Connects Bike Executives with Federal Lawmakers

November 4th, 2019

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, PeopleForBikes hosted bicycle industry leaders from across the nation in Washington, D.C. to advance the industry’s priorities at the federal level. Through our executive fly-ins, business owners become policy leaders, and show lawmakers the connection between ridership, busin ...

The 2019 PeopleForBikes women's fly-in.

Bike Industry Leaders Roll into Washington for Women’s Fly-in

June 17th, 2019

Earlier this month, 24 women representing the U.S. bike industry converged in Washington, D.C., for the annual PeopleForBikes women’s fly-in. Our largest fly-in yet presented a valuable opportunity to work with industry peers to promote federal funding for bike infrastructure policies. ...

Biking in Washington, DC

America’s Best Large Cities for Biking

September 14th, 2018

What does it take to stand out as one of the nation’s best biking cities? We looked at our top-scoring large cities in the PlacesForBikes City Ratings — Portland, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona; San Diego, California; Madison, Wisconsin; and Washington, D.C. — to find out. ...

PeopleForBikes Congressional Bike Fest

PeopleForBikes Holds Second Annual Congressional Bike Fest

June 4th, 2018

They came for the tacos, but they stayed for the bikes. ...

The 10 top-scoring cities in the new PlacesForBikes city rating system.

America’s Best Places for Bikes: Our New System Rates 480 U.S. Cities

May 2nd, 2018

The future of American bicycling is already here. It’s just that some cities are living it right now, and some aren’t yet. ...