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Washington DC

PeopleForBikes Work in Washington DC


From Bloomington, Indiana to Portland, Oregon (pictured above), protected bike lanes of all shapes and sizes transformed U.S. communities in 2022. (Photo Credit: David Evans and Associates, Inc.)
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Girls in Gear is one of this year's 11 grantees.
Green lane
Two women riding bikes along the beach
1st Street Cycle Track
Man truing wheel in a bike shop
John Stokes, director of risk management for The Jefferson hotel, on M Street before bike improvements.
Pennsylvania Avenue uses a combination of buffered and protected bike lanes. Photo: Stewart Eastep.
Riding in DC’s protected bike lane on 15th Street. Photo: Stewart Eastep.
Paved bike lane with rider looking down
Young kid on first bike smiling at camera
The 10 top-scoring cities in the new PlacesForBikes city rating system.
PeopleForBikes Congressional Bike Fest
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Biking in Colorado.
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Washington, D.C. native John Shackelford is biking the 1,114 miles of the Underground Railroad.
Bike commuter going by a lake