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October 13, 2023

There’s $1.86 Billion on the Table for Bikes

By: Ashley Seaward, director of state + local policy, sustainability lead

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This November, five ballot measures are poised to significantly move the needle for bike infrastructure.

This November, a substantial $1.86 billion is on the table for bicycle projects aimed at enhancing paved and off-road infrastructure across 17 different ballot measures throughout the United States. Through our VoteForBikes campaign, we track and advocate for local, pro-bike ballot measures across the country, alerting our supporters when something on their ballot could improve bicycling in their community.

Below are the top five ballot measures we’re currently tracking that are poised to significantly move the needle for bike infrastructure.

1. The Centennial Parks Conservation Fund Amendment

Texas is on the verge of becoming a cycling haven. Should voters give the green light to the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund Amendment, they will endorse an astounding $1 billion investment in state parks, with a substantial chunk of those funds earmarked for bike trails. With more than 700 miles of paved and natural surface bike trails within Texas’ state parks, this initiative is a game-changer for recreational riders and presents a golden opportunity to expand and elevate bike infrastructure across the Lone Star State.

2. Streets and Transportation Bond and Parks and Recreation Bond
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Two significant ballot measures are up for a vote in Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Streets and Transportation Bond and the Parks and Recreation Bond. If these ballot measures gain approval, cyclists can anticipate safer streets, enhanced intersections, reduced neighborhood speeds, and the creation of dedicated bike lanes and trails (more than $50 million is allocated to these crucial infrastructure improvements). Moreover, the Parks and Recreation Bond will contribute more than $12 million towards park and trail maintenance and acquisition. To learn more about each ballot measure, click here.

3. The Greenways 5 Levy
Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham’s Greenways 5 Levy, should it receive approval, will inject new life into the region’s bike infrastructure. The levy's proceeds will support property acquisition, development, climate resilience, and maintenance for greenways, parks, and trails. This initiative aligns perfectly with Bellingham's commitment to green transportation and outdoor recreation. If approved, this initiative will benefit riders by creating well-maintained trails and green spaces, ensuring a scenic and sustainable biking experience for all.

4.Open Space and Park Development Bond
Kootenai County, Idaho

The Open Space and Park Development Bond will not only fund the acquisition of public open space but also the development of new recreational trail systems in Kootenai County, Idaho. Riders can look forward to more trails, open spaces, dog parks, and connections between existing systems. This initiative caters to the needs of the bicycling community while preserving Idaho's natural beauty, which will help make it an even more appealing destination for riders of all kinds.

5. County Issue 1A (Open Space Sales and Use Tax Extension and Revenue Change)
Boulder County, Colorado

In Colorado, Boulder County is taking a significant step towards extending its support for bike infrastructure. County Issue 1A aims to renew a sales and use tax dedicated to acquiring, improving, managing, and maintaining open space lands — a crucial component of bike trails and paths. Bike riding in Colorado, with its breathtaking vistas and diverse terrain, is set to receive a substantial boost from this measure. Cyclists can anticipate better-maintained trails and a more bike-friendly environment should the measure be approved.

By supporting these measures and others like them, voters nationwide can pave the way for safer, more scenic, and well-connected bike infrastructure. But this funding won’t be possible without making a plan to vote.

You can take action by:

  • Using our VoteForBikes tracker to identify upcoming ballot opportunities in your state, city, or county. See a measure missing? Let us know by sending an email to
  • Making your plan to vote! Early in-person voting and vote by mail begins as early as six weeks before election day. 
  • Helping to spread the word by telling your family, friends, and local groups about these important ballot measures.

Join us in ensuring that our state and local governments are helping make our streets and trails safer and more accessible for everyone. We hope to see you at the polls!

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