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In 2022, voters directly approved $4.2 billion in new funding for bike projects supported by PeopleForBikes - and billions more in matching funding sources. In 2023, states and municipalities across the country continued to vote on measures that provided investment in expanding bicycle infrastructure and improving the quality and accessibility of places to ride bikes. If you love bikes, use our resources and make a plan to vote!

Total New Ballot Funding for Bikes Approved since Jan. 1, 2023: $0

*Dollar amounts below may not reflect the full bond value or projected revenue of a measure, since we try to identify the portions of a measure most directly relevant for safe and accessible biking.

PeopleForBikes recognizes the important work of the Trust for Public Land in compiling their LandVote Database of relevant ballot measures for preserving natural areas, helping alert us to several of the measures below that are relevant for biking.

Know an upcoming measure that isn't on this list? Send it to our team to be added!

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Anchorage - Proposition 2 - $945,00 - April 4

Various propositions on the April ballot would increase funding for safer infrastructure for those biking and walking. If approved, Proposition 2 will allocate $945,000 through a general obligation bond to fund school zone safety improvements and safety upgrades to transit facilities and bus stops. This proposition needs support from a majority of voters to pass.

Anchorage - Proposition 6 - April 4

If approved, Proposition 6 will create the Chugach State Park Access Service Area, which includes several miles of bicycle trails. This creation would give voters the ability to submit and approve future measures to fund specific projects in the service area. This proposition needs support from a majority of voters to pass.

Anchorage - Special Election Proposition No. A - $3,950,000 - April 4

If approved, Proposition A will allow Anchorage to issue a general obligation bond and raise taxes to support trail rehabilitation and needed improvements to recreational facilities. The property tax cap would increase by approximately $1.58 per person annually to pay for the bond and fund maintenance and operation costs. This proposition needs support from a majority of voters to pass.

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Colorado Springs - Resolution No. 03-23 (Trails, Open Space, and Parks Tax) - $240 million over 20 years - April 4

If approved, Resolution No. 03-23 will extend Colorado Springs’ 0.1% sales tax until 2045. Voters have the chance to continue this revenue source of about $9.5 million annually for trails, open space, and parks (TOPS). 40% of the funds will be dedicated to parks and trails, with most of the remaining 60% dedicated to acquiring open space. Since its inception in 1997, TOPS funding has built or improved 67+ parks and constructed 53+ miles of urban trails. The current TOPS tax will expire in 2025.

Denver - Referred Question 2O - Redevelopment with Bicycle Access - April 4 

If approved, Referred Question 2O will lift a conservation easement on the Park Hill Golf Course property that currently mandates the land be used as a golf course. A Yes vote would allow mixed-used (both commercial and residential), mixed-income development on the land, which is located along two high-frequency transit corridors, as well as the creation of a new regional park. The developer has also committed funding for design and construction of the 303 ArtWay Heritage Trail, a community-driven plan for a bicycle and pedestrian pathway connecting key destinations in the Park Hill neighborhood. A legally binding Community Benefits Agreement between the developer and a coalition of community partners provides accountability measures to ensure the developer lives up to their commitments. If 2O does not pass, development will not happen and there is not a clear path forward for the defunct golf course to be converted into a park. We are grateful to our partners at the Denver Streets Project for their thoughtful work around this issue.

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