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Electric bicycle laws are different in every state, and can be confusing for riders, retailers, and suppliers. PeopleForBikes is making riding an electric bicycle easy and accessible for all by working to create clear rules on how and where people can ride electric bicycles. With more coherent laws: Local bicycle shops and manufacturers see increased business and their customers will no longer be confused, people who already ride electric bicycles more easily understand where to ride, and new riders who may be discouraged from riding a traditional bicycle due to limited physical fitness, age, disability or convenience have improved transportation alternatives.

Overview of Electric Bike Regulations

Find your state's electric bike rules in our list of one-page PDF guides.

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Policies and Laws

Uncover the laws that govern electric bike usage

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Rides and Routes

Find great rides for electric bikes

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Federal Policies

Discover which places electric bikes can be used

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Federal Electric Bike Rulemaking

Explore the evolving electric bike rulemaking landscape

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Electric Bikes

Dig into stats about the latest research into the emerging industry

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For Retailers

Explore how you can make your bike shop better with electric bikes

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For Advocates

Learn how to bring electric bikes to more people

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For Land Managers

Build the next generation of trails for everyone to enjoy

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