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PeopleForBikes uses the latest research and data to measure national and local progress toward creating great places to ride and getting more people on bikes more often. The studies, statistics and toolkits provided here represent resources produced by PeopleForBikes and others to help the bike industry, transportation planners, city leaders, researchers and advocates make the case for bikes. If you have any questions about these resources, please reach out to

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Where Do We Go From Here? Breaking Down Barriers to Bicycling in the U.S.

Even without the recent upsurge brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, bicycling has increased in popularity in many U.S. cities over the last decade. However, as the number of bicyc ...

The National Study of the Economic Impact of Street Improvements

This research project explores the economic impacts of bicycle and pedestrian street improvements in the United States using multiple data sources and analytical approaches. Buildi ...

Engage, Plan, Build, Measure: A Guide For City Leaders

Maybe you think your city or town can’t build better places for bikes because you don’t have enough money, or are short on staff, lack strong community support or simply don’t have ...

Better Bicycling, Better Business: A Guide for Retailers

As a member of the bicycle industry, you can play a key role in efforts to accelerate local bicycling projects. This guide, part of a new PeopleForBikes program called PlacesForBik ...

Quick Builds For Better Streets – A New Project Delivery Model for U.S. Cities

This report draws on the experiences of Austin, Chicago, Denver, Memphis, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Seattle to create a general guide for adding this exciting, effect ...


Better Bike Share Partnership

The Better Bike Share Partnership focuses on increasing access to and use of shared micromobility systems in low-income and BIPOC communities.

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Final Mile

The Final Mile works to accelerate the installation of complete mobility networks in select U.S. cities. More information coming soon

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PlacesForBikes establishes a new standard in defining and measuring great places for biking, and provides the tools and resources that accelerate local change. More information coming soon.

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Youth Bicycling

Our goal is to make bike riding better for everyone—including riders of all ages. Increasing bicycling participation among America’s youth is a key focus at PeopleForBikes.

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Community Grants

Our Community Grants programs funds bicycle infrastructure projects and advocacy campaigns across the country.

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NWA Bike Business Innovation Program

The NWA Bike Business Innovation Program implements workplace-based incentive programs that rapidly increase the number of employees who bike for transportation and recreation throughout Benton County, AR. More information coming soon.

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Youth Cycling Coalition

The Youth Cycling Coalition (YCC) is a collaborative effort to get more children and youth on bikes and keep them bicycling throughout their lives. More information coming soon.

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