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Our mission: To get more people riding bikes more often. To make bike riding better for everyone.

Since 1999, PeopleForBikes has created a prominent place for bikes in transportation, mobility and recreation decisions at all levels of government. We ensure bikes are prioritized and positioned as a real solution to improve Americans’ health, connect communities, boost local and state economies, strengthen our nation and protect our planet. 

We accomplish this by being proactive and planning for the future, adopting a broad and inclusive vision for government affairs and making it convenient for leaders at all levels to take advantage of opportunities and legislation that prioritize bikes. 

Together, we work with federal, state and local officials to make biking better for everyone. 

Our Mission Pillars

one Empower Cities to Take Action

PeopleforBikes inspires and empowers cities to take actions that get more people on bikes to promote healthier populations and a more livable planet. 

two Create Connections

We leverage technology, infrastructure, and content to 
make biking safer, easier to access, and more fun by 
encouraging diversity.  

three Support the Bike Industry

We advance pro-bike business policies to support a thriving bike industry and the jobs it produces.    

How To Get Involved

Meet Our Team

Discover who is helping to deliver your next ride.

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Help guide the world of bicycling forward.

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Learn how to effectively contribute to our organization.

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Discover our Board

Our advisors come from all over the world of biking.

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Meet Our Corporate Members

See which companies support our mission directly.

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People for Bikes
People for BikesPeople for Bikes

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