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We rely on the expertise and time investment of our volunteer board and committee members to help shape the future of the bike industry and grow bicycling participation in America. We are grateful for the contributions of the 80+ leaders from member companies who serve on the PeopleForBikes Coalition Board of Directors, PeopleForBikes Foundation Board,  BPSA Trade Association Committee, on one of our four subcommittees or our sustainability working group. We thank you for your service.

Five Things We Ask of You

one Be a PeopleForBikes Ambassador

Communicate PeopleForBikes goals and activities to your company and colleagues.

two Come Prepared to Meetings

Read board packets and other PeopleForBikes materials when they are distributed to you.

three Attend Committee Meetings

Whether in person or over the phone, your attendance and input make your committee assignment work for the boarder biking community.

four Timely Dues Payment

Make sure your organization pays PeopleForBikes Coalition dues on time. Your support helps us carry out our mission.

five Attend Events

PeopleForBikes holds networking events such as the Bicycle Leadership Conference and Washington, D.C. Fly-ins that are excellent leadership and networking opportunities.


Member Orientation (Webinar)

Get the most out of your volunteer experience

Member Orientation (PDF)

A downloadable version of the orientation webinar

Guiding Principles

Board and committee member guiding principles

Effective Board Membership

Six traits of an effective board member

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People for Bikes
People for BikesPeople for Bikes

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