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PeopleForBikes' Local Innovation programs develop strong community partnerships that help community leaders and local organizations plan, build and promote great places to ride. These programs accelerate progress locally and create best practices that build stronger, safer and healthier communities. 

Our Goals


Only a small percentage of riders feel comfortable riding with traffic, and for many, the fear of being harassed in public is an even bigger deterrent. Safer places for bikes give more people the confidence to get out and ride.


People bike more when they can comfortably ride wherever they want to go, whether its work, school, shopping or parks. Biking can bring communities together.


Biking has to appeal to all kinds of people regardless of age, income, race, gender or ability. Riding comes in many forms — 
on streets, trails, for recreation and fitness, or just around town.


The Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP) is a collaboration funded by the JPB Foundation to increase access to and use of shared micromobility systems in low-income and BIPOC communities.

Apply for funding that helps build bicycle infrastructure projects and advocacy campaigns across the country.

Local coaltions build support to accelerate the installation of complete mobility networks in select U.S. cities.

Our team in Benton County, AR utilizes technology and workplace-based incentives to increase biking for transportation and recreation.

Our annual City Ratings program is a data-driven approach to evaluating, identifying and comparing the best global cities and towns for bicycling. Using this data, we help city leaders pinpoint improvements to make biking better for everyone in their communities.

PeopleForBikes uses the latest research and data to measure national and local progress toward creating great places to ride and getting more people on bikes more often.

We are taking collective action for all kids to access, experience, and develop a lifelong love of riding.

The PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project was a five-year program that accelerated the spread of protected bike lanes throughout the United States.

Find out how well the bike network in your community connects people with the places they want to go


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