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The PeopleForBikes Foundation helps cities plan, build and promote great places to ride of all kinds - faster. These programs develop strong community partnerships, accelerating progress and creating best practices that can be shared widely.

More people riding bicycles creates stronger, safer and healthier communities. The key to getting more people on bikes is to provide safe, convenient and inclusive places to ride.

Our Goals


Only a small percentage of riders feel comfortable riding with traffic, and for many, the fear of being harassed in public is an even bigger deterrent. Better places for bikes give more people the confidence to get out and ride.


Great places to bike need to be connected. People ride more when they can access bike networks that get them comfortably wherever they want to go, whether its work, school, running errands, or riding for fun.


Biking has to appeal to all kinds of people regardless of age, income, race, gender, or ability. Riding comes in many forms — on streets, trails, for recreation and fitness, or just around town.


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Better Bike Share Partnership

The Better Bike Share Partnership focuses on increasing access to and use of shared micromobility systems in low-income and BIPOC communities.

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Final Mile

The Final Mile works to accelerate the installation of complete mobility networks in select U.S. cities. More information coming soon

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PlacesForBikes establishes a new standard in defining and measuring great places for biking, and provides the tools and resources that accelerate local change. More information coming soon.

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Youth Bicycling

Our goal is to make bike riding better for everyone—including riders of all ages. Increasing bicycling participation among America’s youth is a key focus at PeopleForBikes.

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Community Grants

Our Community Grants programs funds bicycle infrastructure projects and advocacy campaigns across the country.

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NWA Bike Business Innovation Program

The NWA Bike Business Innovation Program implements workplace-based incentive programs that rapidly increase the number of employees who bike for transportation and recreation throughout Benton County, AR. More information coming soon.

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Youth Cycling Coalition

The Youth Cycling Coalition (YCC) is a collaborative effort to get more children and youth on bikes and keep them bicycling throughout their lives. More information coming soon.

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