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Youth Cycling Programs

We are taking collective action for all kids to access, experience, and develop a lifelong love of riding.

The future of bicycling depends on getting kids on bikes. Unfortunately, the number of kids in the U.S. who ride regularly has dropped 20% since 2007, as childhood obesity reaches epidemic levels and depression among adolescents increases. The physical and mental benefits of biking are well established, but millions of children and teens across the U.S. still lack access to bikes and safe places to ride them. PeopleForBikes partners with national, state and local organizations that support youth bicycling, including the Youth Cycling Coalition and Outride, and funds bike parks and pump tracks through our Community Grants.

Our Strategy

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Nurture the next generation of bike riders.

By making riding safe, accessible and fun for our youth, we're nurturing the next generation of bicyclists and building healthier, more sustainable communities.

Our Work in This Area:
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Connect youth bicycle programs working around the country.

We believe everyone benefits when we work together, so we're creating a network of bike organizations accross the U.S. in order to collaborate and share best practices for supporting youth.

Our Work in This Area:
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Collect research and disseminate stories about the benefits of biking for kids.

We're working with our partners to understand the current state of youth bicycling, measure the impacts of our programs and investments in youth cycling, and clearly communicate the results.

Our Work in This Area:

National Youth Bicycle Programs Map

PeopleForBikes and Outride have published a map of national youth bicycle programs operating throughout the country. All programs share a commitment to breaking down barriers to bicycling, especially for low-income communities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other historically marginalized youth. Is there a youth bicycle program near you?

Map Legend is accessible with the `>>` icon in the upper left hand corner of the map.

Questions about the map? Is there a program near you that you would like to see on the map? Let us know.

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