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Northwest Arkansas Bike Business Innovation

Our team in Benton County, AR utilizes technology and workplace-based incentives to increase biking for transportation and recreation.

The Northwest Arkansas Bike Business Innovation program coordinates workplace programming, incentives, and infrastructure changes to grow the share of employees riding bikes for commuting and transportation in Benton County, AR. Proven best practices and innovative strategies enable us to meet our customers wherever they are in their biking journey. Ride Spot is our portal for engaging employees and benchmarking progress toward our business partners' goals.

Our Strategy

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Make the business case for employer investments in bicycling, for commuting, transportation, and recreation.

Research shows that employees who arrive to work by bike are more relaxed, less stressed, and ready to go! Businesses that invest in building bike programs and supporting their employees in their bike riding goals benefit from a healthier workforce that is more motivated and takes fewer sick days.

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    Deploy new technology solutions that make it easier to incentivize and track bike riding.

    PeopleForBikes’ national Ride Spot program will direct employees to the best local bike routes and address common barriers to riding such as knowing where to ride and how to ride safely. The Northwest Arkansas program will pilot workplace challenges and incentives to get and keep employees moving.

    Our Work in This Area:
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    Significantly grow the number of people who bike to work in Benton County, Arkansas by 2024

    Community support and investment in biking infrastructure, paired with powerful new Ride Spot business tools, make Benton County the perfect incubator for growing bike commuting and transportation ridership. This shift helps meet community needs including transportation, health, and economic development.

    Our Work in This Area:
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    Position Northwest Arkansas as the national model for getting more people riding bikes.

    An important component of this work will be positioning Northwest Arkansas as an incubator for best practices in incentivizing biking at a corporate level. PeopleForBikes will create templates to share with other corporations, vendors, and retailers to help implement better business cultures for bicycling in communities nationwide.

    Our Work in This Area:

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    Program Partners

    The Northwest Arkansas Bike Business Innovation Program is made possible by generous support from the Walton Family Foundation at the direction of Tom and Steuart Walton.