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December 17, 2021

Five Ways PeopleForBikes Is Working to Boost Recreational Bike Riding

By: Ashley Seaward, deputy director of state + local policy

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Recreational bicycling is an increasingly popular activity and an area in which PeopleForBikes works to grow everyday.

During 2020, 6% of American adults started (or restarted) riding bicycles for recreation, according to a recent study conducted by PeopleForBikes. Recreational bicycling is an increasingly popular activity and an area which PeopleForBikes works to grow everyday. See our list below for the top five ways we’re currently working to boost recreational bike riding across the U.S.

  1. Building Momentum for Pro-Recreation Policy at the Federal Level
    Every year in Washington, D.C., Republicans and Democrats find ways to come together to advance access to recreation and maintain our federal public lands. The Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the U.S. Senate (SENR) is considering a wide range of bipartisan bills that, if advanced, could streamline the outdoor recreation permitting process, develop long-distance bike trails, promote jobs, enhance equity and environmental justice and more. Together, these bills would go a long way to making the great outdoors safe, sustainable and accessible for all. 

  2. Amplifying Trail Funding Through Our VoteForBikes Campaign
    Of the 20 state and local ballot measures we tracked this year through our VoteForBikes Campaign, $56 million in annual funding was approved by voters to improve recreational areas in their communities including parks, trails and open spaces. One notable measure was in Summit County, UT, where voters approved a $50 million General Obligation Bond that will be used to conserve open space and pursue other environmental and recreational projects such as building trails and trailheads.

  3. Supporting State Offices of Outdoor Recreation
    Establishing Offices of Outdoor Recreation at the state level is a priority for the bike industry. These dedicated government departments manage the changing demands of the outdoor industry and coordinate across departments to increase residents’ access to the outdoors, diversify the range of recreational activities available and improve the state’s economy.

  4. Improving Access for Electric Mountain Bikes
    PeopleForBikes recently hired Rachel Fussell, our new electric mountain bike (eMTB) policy and program manager. In this position, Rachel will focus specifically on the trail and offroad side of electric bike riding and help develop and manage the execution and evaluation of PeopleForBikes’ eMTB programming to foster the growth of eMTB riding, bike infrastructure and the bicycle industry. Visit our electric bicycle webpage to learn about the latest updates on our eMTB program.

  5. Partnering With Recreational Advocates
    We value working alongside our advocacy partners as these relationships allow us to work together to improve trail access and trail funding for bikes nationwide. PeopleForBikes recently renewed its partnerships with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). These two incredible organizations work to create, enhance and protect great places to mountain bike across the U.S. and introduce more youth to the activity by building strong minds, bodies and characters through cycling.

To learn more about PeopleForBikes’ latest work to support recreational bike riding, sign up for our newsletter or email Ashley Seaward, PeopleForBikes deputy director of state and local policy, at for more information.

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