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April 5, 2024

Bike Share Gets a Boost in Tucson

By: Tangier Barnes Wright, senior partnership and program manager

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Sustainability sponsors for PeopleForBikes’ annual Bicycle Leadership Conference and Tugo Bike Share are expanding access to active transportation.

While prioritizing sustainability at conferences is not a new concept, including bike share in conference sustainability efforts is certainly less common. Thanks to our generous 2024 Bicycle Leadership Conference (BLC) sustainability sponsors Revelyst and Ortlieb, as well as Tugo Bike Share in Tucson, Arizona, PeopleForBikes is helping expand access to active transportation opportunities by providing 500 annual bike share passes to Tucson residents who qualify for Tugo’s equity pass program, TugoForAll.

The Bicycle Leadership Conference is the bike industry’s annual event where top leaders and decision makers come together to chart the course of the bike business. The event features a perfect blend of inspiration, education, and action, allowing for peer-to-peer conversations aimed at moving our industry forward. 

Tugo Bike Share is the City of Tucson’s bike share system. A docked system with more than 300 bikes, Tugo provides a sustainable option for getting around the city. The system contributes to making Tucson a thriving and accessible place for residents and visitors alike.

This year’s BLC sponsors understand the connection between sustainability and biking and their generous support is making it possible for Tugo to increase the number of BIPOC and low-income Tucsonans who can get to where they need to go without a car.

"The City of Tucson is excited and grateful to have PeopleForBikes supporting shared micromobility in Tucson. By providing this funding, the city will put more Tugo For All annual bike share passes into the hands of those who rely on low-or-no-cost mobility options to access their everyday destinations. Eliminating that initial cost barrier is a key step to ensure our bike share system can be embraced by more Tucsonans," said Ben Elias at the City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility.

Better biking means accessible biking. Bike share systems across the country are leading the way creating access to bicycling by attracting, including, and serving people from diverse backgrounds. Systems like Tugo are building community engagement processes and systems that serve everyone, as well as advancing equity and sustainability through programs that make bike share nearly free for those who qualify. 

PeopleForBikes is grateful for the generosity of Revelyst and Ortlieb, our new partnership with Tugo, and the opportunity to promote sustainability at our conferences in a new and meaningful way.

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