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Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We promote equitable access to biking and position bikes as one solution to address social and mobility justice issues. We ensure that transportation infrastructure is used to unite Americans and provide equitable opportunities to participate in our economy and society. We work to change transportation planning norms that systematically disregard neighborhood-level needs, especially in low-income and communities of color. We develop relationships with grassroots organizations and community-oriented leaders to develop specific ways in which biking can address pressing issues with affordability, equity of access and providing safe paths to jobs, education, recreation, healthy food options and healthcare.

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Breaking Down the Barriers to Making Public Spaces More Welcoming

We get governments to work with equity and transportation community groups to rethink how public spaces are built and protected so that people feel welcome to spend time outside. We encourage cities to repurpose police budgets for transportation initiatives and rethink enforcement related to traffic violations on bikes.

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    Positioning Access to Bike Networks and Transit as Integral Parts of Land Use and Housing Development

    We work to ensure that transportation projects don’t cut neighborhoods off from access to jobs and services and include access for bikes and to transit. We fight for equitable investment in all communities and work to reform transportation planning to be more inclusive.

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      Promoting Government Transportation Policy Reform to Foster Robust Community Engagement

      All communities must be engaged, where they are, in transportation planning projects. We advance ways that communities are defined within the permitting process, especially environmental justice components of projects, and elevate robust community engagement as an asset to local and state officials.

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        Directing Federal Funding for Research and Data That Highlights Inequities

        We identify federal research that could study access to quality and safe bicycle infrastructure near underserved communities and encourage broad reporting on where the needs are most urgent. We conduct research and polling to justify funding for low-cost access to transportation and position our City Ratings program as a tool for cities to build equitable networks that serve underserved and BIPOC communities.

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          Developing Purchase Incentives for Bikes and Electric Bicycles

          We advance electric bicycle purchase incentive programs by finding public partners to establish bicycle purchase incentives as a tool to achieve climate goals, improve transportation equity and improve air quality. We are also expanding private sector encouragement programs to provide financial access to bikes and education.

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