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Cost of automobiles and dependence on foreign oil

Cost of inactivity, overweight, and obesity

Economic benefits of bicycling facilities and transportation

  • The Headwaters Economics Trails Benefits Library is a collection of studies on the positive impacts of trails, especially in small or medium-sized towns and rural areas. The library is searchable by type of benefit, use, year, and region.
    Headwaters Economics Trail Benefits Library  - Browse
  • New research from Portland State University finds that proximity to a network of high-quality bike facilities such as protected bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, and bike boulevards, is associated with an increase in property values.
    Liu, J., Shi, W., 2016  - Impact of Bike Facilities on Residential Property Prices
  • The Urban Land Institute recently published a series of findings linking economic development with bicycling in the U.S. and globally. For example, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail cost the city $62.5 million to build and yielded a $1.01 billion increase in property values adjacent to the trail. Urban Land Institute, 2016  - Active Transportation and Real Estate
  • Trails in the Miami Valley of Ohio attract about 90,000 visitors who spend $13 million on goods and services related to their use of the trails every year. Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, 2013  - Miami Valley Trail User Survey Report
  • Each kilometer cycled in Denmark produces an estimated benefit of 24 cents for all of society; each kilometer driven, meanwhile, costs society about 84 cents. Copenhagen City of Cyclists  - Copenhagen City of Cyclists: Bicycle Account 2014
  • A Toronto study found that customers arriving by foot and bicycle visited the most often and spent the most money per month. The Clean Air Partnership, 2010 -Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business: Year 2 Report

Economic benefits of the bicycling industry and tourism

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