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November 20, 2023

Voters Approved $1.9 Billion to Support Better Places to Bike

By: Maddie Godby, policy and communications coordinator

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PeopleForBikes tracked 17 bike-related measures on local and state ballots across the country through our VoteForBikes campaign.

This November, our VoteForBikes campaign tracked 17 bike-related measures on state and local ballots across the country and voters approved more than $1.9 billion in funding to support off-road and paved bicycle infrastructure projects.

Eighty percent of the approved funding, totaling $1.56 billion, will go towards projects largely focused on the acquisition, management, and maintenance of open space lands that will facilitate an exponential increase in recreational bike access. The remaining $391 million of approved funding will go towards paved bicycle infrastructure projects, including the construction of bike lanes, safe crossings, and safe intersections.

We collected five below. Check out our up-to-date VoteForBikes page to see how other pro-bikes measures did in your area and around the country. 

The Centennial Parks Conservation Fund Amendment


Texas residents overwhelmingly voted to invest $1 billion into the creation and improvement of state parks. This will monumentally expand recreational riding beyond the existing 700+ miles of bike trails, provide funding for trail maintenance, and allow state parks to meet growing demand for recreational opportunities in the Lone Star state.

Streets and Transportation Bond and Parks and Recreation Bond

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Voters passed two measures collectively totaling nearly $6.3 million that will positively impact both paved and off-road riding in Albuquerque. Through the Streets and Transportation Bond, more than $50 million dollars was approved to construct safer streets and intersections, reduce neighborhood speed limits, and build bike lanes and trails. The approved Parks and Recreation bond additionally provides more than $12 million for the acquisition and maintenance of parks and trails.

The Greenways 5 Levy

Bellingham, Washington

The approved Greenways 5 Levy will replace an expiring levy in order to revamp and build an equitable and sustainable trail system that will aid in enhanced active transportation and recreation opportunities in Bellingham. Levy proceeds are allocated to property acquisition, development, climate resiliency, and maintenance for greenways, open space, wildlife habitat and corridors, urban green space, park facilities, and trails. The levy will raise approximately $86 million over a 10-year period.

Measure 2J (Sales Tax Extension for Capital Improvement Projects)

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Residents of this Denver suburb voted to approve an extension of the current sales and use tax to provide $75 million in funding for sidewalks, safe crossings, bike lanes, and improved drainage on major corridors throughout the city. On-street bike riding will be more accessible, enjoyable, and safer as a result of this funding.

County Issue 1A (Open Space Sales and Use Tax Extension and Revenue Change)

Boulder County, Colorado

Boulder County voters approved the renewal of an existing sales and use tax to acquire, improve, manage, and maintain open space lands and other open space assets. With $60 million allocated over the course of 15 years, this funding will continue to provide quality access to open space bike paths and trails along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the cycling hub of Boulder.

The November 2023 election made it clear that access to recreational riding opportunities and safer on-street bike infrastructure isa winning proposition. Through your vote, you helped create a swell of support for more and better bike infrastructure across the country. Together, we can still do so much more. Check out PeopleForBikes’ Great Bike Infrastructure Project, which aims to create more safe, fun, and connected places to ride for people of all ages and abilities, to find out additional ways that you, your family, your friends, and your community can get involved to improve bicycling in your backyard.

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