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December 14, 2022

Takeaways From the PeopleForBikes Coalition Board Meeting

By: PeopleForBikes Staff

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The PFB Board met on December 14 to welcome new members and discuss infrastructure, data, and participation goals for 2023.

The PeopleForBikes Coalition Board of Directors, composed of 22 of the bicycle industry’s top leaders, met virtually for their semi-annual gathering on December 14. 

The board’s main topic of discussion was reviewing the organization's top strategic initiatives for 2023, primarily focused on PeopleForBikes’ next generation of place-based advocacy campaigns aimed at accelerating the construction of safe and connected bike networks and recreational trails nationwide. 

“It is no secret that the largest barrier to bicycling participation in the U.S. is a lack of access to safe bicycle infrastructure close to home,” says Chris Speyer, vice president of merchandising product and co-op brands at REI and chair of the PeopleForBikes Coalition Board. “I encourage all members of the industry to support PeopleForBikes in this ambitious campaign and get involved with local efforts to improve infrastructure in your own communities.” 

The board approved the organization’s 2023 budget, as well as recipients for PeopleForBikes’ Industry Community Grants program, funding 11 projects for a total of $92,000. The selected projects will support better bike infrastructure and improved access to bicycling nationwide. You can read more about the funded projects here

Patrick Hogan, PeopleForBikes’ senior research manager, provided an update on the organization’s aggressive three-year plan to expand research and data offerings for the bike industry. Heading into year two, program goals are focused on providing the industry with a more comprehensive view of bicycling in the U.S. to help brands and dealers better prepare for the future. 

The board also welcomed two new members — Andrea Pankow, vice president and GM of Bell, Raskullz, and Krash, and John Munhall, director of bicycle product at Giant Bicycles — who will also serve as chair of the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association Trade Association Committee (BPSA TAC). 

“I am excited to be joining such a talented and influential group of bike industry leaders,” says Pankow. “Being able to set competition aside to unite under a common goal will be increasingly important for the future of our industry and the planet, especially heading into the uncertainty of 2023.” 

“It is an honor to both join the PeopleForBikes Coalition Board of Directors and take on this lead role guiding and supporting the BPSA TAC,” says Munhall. “Giant has long been a supporter of PeopleForBikes’ work, and I look forward to further strengthening our commitment to more and better bicycling across the U.S.”

Finally, President and CEO Jenn Dice and Vice President of Business Network Ravi Rajcoomar led a discussion on how PeopleForBikes can help support youth bicycling. An overview of PeopleForBikes’ current efforts was followed by breakout sessions where board members discussed other ideas to grow youth participation across the U.S. 

“Getting more kids on bikes today is critical to the healthy future of our industry and PeopleForBikes’ vision of becoming the best bicycling nation in the world,” says Dice.

PeopleForBikes Coalition Board of Directors 

  • Chair of the Board: Chris Speyer, Vice President Merchandising Product and Co-op Brands, REI
  • Vice Chair: An Le, Global Marketing Director, Giant Bicycle
  • Secretary: Michael Mercuri, Board Member, SRAM
  • Treasurer: Pat Cunnane, CEO, Messingschlager USA
  • Bob Burns, Vice President and Senior Legal Officer, Trek Bicycle Corporation
  • Ian Christie, President and CEO, Summit Bicycles
  • Bernie Doering, Vice Chair, BPSA Trade Association Committee
  • Joe Graney, CEO, Santa Cruz Bicycles and COO, PON Bike North America
  • Nick Hage, General Manager, Cycling Sports Group
  • Gloria Hwang, Founder and CEO, Thousand
  • Matt Moore, General Counsel, Quality Bicycle Products
  • Nolan Moser, Assistant Vice President, Bicycle Component Division, Shimano North America
  • John Munhall, Director of Bicycle Product, Giant Bicycles
  • Andrea Pankow, Vice President and GM, Bell, Raskullz, and Krash
  • Larry Pizzi, Chief Commercial Officer, Alta Cycling Group
  • Kim Price, Leader of People and Culture, Specialized Bicycle Components
  • Mike Radenbaugh, CEO and Founder, Rad Power Bikes
  • Patrick Seidler, CEO, Wilderness Trail Bikes
  • Allison Straub, President, Burley Design
  • Rich Tauer, President, Quality Bicycle Products
  • Daniel Trujillo, Partner and Chief Compliance Officer, McKinsey and Company
  • Claudia Wasko, Vice President, Bosch eBike Systems Americas
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