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April 23, 2024

A 2024 Mid-Session Recap of PeopleForBikes’ Work in State Legislatures Nationwide 

By: Ashley Seaward, director of state and local policy + sustainability lead, and Maddie Godby, policy and communications coordinator

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With more than 650 pieces of legislation that could affect bikes in all 50 states, join us in celebrating five notable wins that will support safety, infrastructure, recreation, and electric bicycles.

PeopleForBikes’ Government Affairs team tracks policies at the local, state, and federal level to ensure bikes are prioritized as a key pillar within transportation systems across the country. We engage on high priority issues that could benefit or harm bike riding and bike businesses and partner with local bike advocates in communities nationwide to get legislative and regulatory wins across the finish line. 

Our 2024 Policy Agenda includes a comprehensive campaign to support the adoption of electric bicycles through incentive programs, battery safety, and the passing of sensible definition and access laws for paved and trail surfaces. In addition to our robust e-bike program, we also launched the legislative arm of our Great Bike Infrastructure Project. The purpose of this program is to accelerate the construction of safe and connected places to bike through our legislative priority areas, which include securing funding for bike infrastructure, passing Complete Streets mandates, creating safer places to ride, and building bike infrastructure through climate legislation.

It's only April and we are already tracking more than 650 pieces of legislation that could affect bikes in all 50 states. We are excited to celebrate five notable wins that will support safety, infrastructure, recreation, and electric bicycles. 

The Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund | New Mexico

House Bill 2, signed into law by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on March 6, approved an additional $300 million appropriation into the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund. This fund represents a historic investment in conservation and will support the state’s outdoor recreation economy and opportunities to ride a bike across New Mexico. 

Landowner Liability Recreational Use Warning Signs | Colorado

Senate Bill 058, signed into law by Governor Jared Polis on March 15, reforms Colorado’s Recreational Use Statute to better protect landowners. Ultimately, this legislation will keep many popular recreational trails and areas open to the public so residents and visitors alike can enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty for years to come.

Pedestrian Safety and Facilities Act Modifications | Utah

House Bill 449, signed into law by Governor Spencer Cox on March 21, amends Utah’s existing Pedestrian Safety and Facilities Act to include bicyclist safety in addition to designing roads in a proactive manner that meets the needs of all road users. This will improve road safety for all and contribute to connected transportation networks across the state that include bike infrastructure. 

Slower Speed Limits | Michigan

House Bill 4012, signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on April 2, will give local leaders more control over setting speed limits within their municipal jurisdiction. Many roads in Michigan are controlled by the state, which makes it difficult for cities to set lower speed limits appropriate for their local context. This new legislation will provide greater protection for vulnerable road users like people who walk and bike. 

Three-Class E-Bike Definition Law | Oregon

House Bill 4103, signed into law by Governor Tina Kotek on March 25, provides clarity on what is and what is not considered an electric bicycle in the state of Oregon. This bill aligns Oregon with the nationally accepted three-class system, which has been adopted in 42 states. Learn more about the three-class system here.

These legislative wins show that biking has broad support in states across the country. Many state legislatures are still in session through the spring and summer, so stay tuned for more biking wins as we continue tracking hundreds of bike-related bills at the state and local levels. 

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