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Infrastructure Funding
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) includes new funding to expand and connect safe bike infrastructure in your community. From programs designed to create complete active transportation networks to building climate resilient infrastructure and reconnecting communities, PeopleForBikes wants to make sure that advocates, businesses, and local officials have the information they need to take advantage of the coming resources. 

Local bike industry and advocates: it’s important to get involved early and stay in contact with your local and state transportation officials. Each state and city’s politics and programs vary, so getting to know how your local system works will help you promote the best influence for bike projects. Use this page as a resource to understand what’s included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and how you can connect with your local decision makers to help influence the allocation for improved and expanded bike infrastructure!

Connect with Your Local Decision Makers

Right now, your local decision makers are beginning to determine how funds from the  Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act should be used. Click here to send your local and state elected officials a letter, emphasizing the importance of using these funds for the creation of safe and connected bike infrastructure.

Types of Active Transportation Funding

Click here to learn more about which programs may receive funding as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and click here to find an FHWA Assistance Office near you.

March 30 Update: FHWA Announces New Guidance, Increased Funding for Infrastructure Program that Helps States and Communities Create Safer, More Walkable Streets Learn more here.

Additional Funding Resources
  • Funding for EV charging stations could support e-bike charging: Talk to your local officials about how to leverage the construction of EV chargers in your community to include e-bike charging, secure storage and basic maintenance tools! Click here to learn more. 
  • Bridge Funding Program: While this program will not fund bike-ped only bridges, projects using this program have to ensure the bridge provides bike-ped infrastructure. Click here to learn more.
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