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PeopleForBikes has always offered our large supporter list to local groups to help bring reinforcements to their most pressing opportunities and threats. Now, we have an easier way for groups to activate PeopleForBikes members in their area. Through our Advocacy Alert Program, local and state bicycle advocacy groups can rally the PeopleForBikes movement around a policy issue.

We know our members care deeply about work in their own communities and we hope the Advocacy Alert Program will elevate this work. We want to help your efforts to improve bicycling succeed, whether it’s a safe passing law, funding measure, access issue, new bike park or the launch of a bike sharing system.


  • We are specifically looking for timely action items around an issue that serves the larger bicycling movement, e.g. a petition, legislative ask, public meeting or regulation change.
  • Please try to submit your request at least two (2) weeks before desired action date.
  • We will encourage readers to support your organization's policy work, but please do not submit membership or fundraising asks.
  • We reserve the right to decide whether to broadcast an action to our list. Not all requests will be granted.
  • In most cases we will send one alert per issue. We will work with you to select the best time for the alert if your request has multiple stages.


  • In order to keep our membership engaged, we often send a report back to those who took action on an issue letting them know the outcome. We ask that you report back to PeopleForBikes no later than six (6) weeks after your alert goes out.

If there is a specific issue you would like for our team to help bring awareness to, please fill out this form below.

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