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August 3, 2022

You Can Advocate for Bikes in the Inflation Reduction Act

By: Noa Banayan, PeopleForBikes’ director of federal affairs

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Take advantage of our collection of resources to advocate for critical bike policy in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

As fierce advocates for bike policy, PeopleForBikes is not waiting around for Congress to determine the fate of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. We’re actively working with our national, state and local advocacy partners to continue demand for the inclusion of an electric bicycle tax credit and a bike commuter benefit in the final bill. We’re also still talking with our bike champions on Capitol Hill about strategies for amendments and inclusions in any way possible. 

While the battle remains uphill, the deal isn’t done yet and a detailed timeline for passage remains unconfirmed. With your help, we can leverage this moment as a unified demand for policy stakeholders to recognize the value of biking and micromobility to reduce emissions and car dependence, connect communities and fight climate change. 

We gathered the top resources for advocates to speak up for electric bicycles and commuter benefits and help move these issues forward.

HIGHEST PRIORITY — Send a letter to your senators:

- Support the Bicycle Commuter Benefit

- Support the E-BIKE Act

Further reading on the exclusion of bikes in the Inflation Reduction Act:

- Statement in support of the Bicycle Commuter Benefit in the Inflation Reduction Act From PeopleForBikes, the North American Bike and Scooter Share Association, the League of American Bicyclists, Transportation for America, the New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO) and the Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC)

- Inflation Reduction Act Falls Short in Prioritizing Bikes — PeopleForBikes

- Bikes get slighted in compromise climate deal — Washington Post

- There’s a Maddening Omission in the Senate Climate Bill — Slate

- ‘It’s so blatant’: Transit groups bemoan Dems’ car-centric climate deal — Politico

- The Manchin Climate Compromise Doubles Down on Car Culture — Vice

- Here’s How the New US Climate Deal Could Make Energy Bills Cheaper — Bloomberg

- What’s in the New ‘Climate’ Deal for Sustainable Transport — And What’s Not — Streetsblog

- E-bike benefit left out of Inflation Reduction Act — BRAIN

For the latest news and updates on bike policy, follow @pfbpolicy on Twitter. Follow @peopleforbikes for more general bicycling information and content. 

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