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September 22, 2022

Vote for Better Bike Infrastructure

By: Kyler Blodgett, PeopleForBikes’ state + local policy analyst

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This November, your vote is needed to pass important bike initiatives in all 50 states.

This fall, voters across the country will have the chance to approve hundreds of millions of dollars in new funding for bikes. The November 8 general election isn’t just about voting in high-level candidates, although those picks are crucial too. It’s also a time when many states, cities and counties put important ballot measures to vote. 

The upcoming November election is a big opportunity for citizens nationwide to enact positive change by approving new funding for better biking and walking infrastructure, new trail systems, park construction and maintenance and more. PeopleForBikes’ VoteForBikes campaign was created to help you know what initiatives will be on your ballot. 

In 2020, voters approved $500 million in funding for bike projects across the country and in 2021 $585 million was approved — big wins for riders across the U.S.! But with arguably the biggest election in at least two years coming up in a few weeks, there’s even more at stake with $1.9 billion in possible funding for bike infrastructure, from new and improved trails to protected bike lanes.

The ballot measures that most affect bikes typically take the form of new or renewed property taxes, income taxes or sales taxes; edits to General Plans allowing infrastructure changes or a bond measure that usually does not increase taxes. 

For example, in Florida’s Orange County, residents will have the chance to approve a one-cent sales tax increase — generating $600 million per year — to fund transportation decongestion across the county. The influx of cash would focus on improving mass transit and developing better options for bikers and pedestrians. On the other side of the country, Salt Lake City, Utah, is hoping voters will approve a 20-year, $80 million Public Lands bond that will protect natural areas and enhance recreational opportunities, with a strong focus on bicycle infrastructure. 

How you can help:

  • Use our VoteForBikes tracker to identify upcoming ballot opportunities in your state, city or county.
  • If we missed anything in your area, send us a note using this form. We rely on local partners and folks like you to make sure we’re amplifying progress in your area. You can also email our campaign coordinator directly at 
  • Make your plan to vote! Early in-person voting and vote by mail begins as early as six weeks before election day. 
  • Help spread the word by telling your family, friends and local groups about these important ballot measures.

Joining us in ensuring that our state and local governments are funding bicycling, helping make our streets safer and more accessible for everyone. We hope to see you at the polls!

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