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August 8, 2023

Introducing PeopleForBikes’ New Electric Bicycle Policy Database

By: Annie Altwarg, research and policy intern, and Rachel Fussell, eMTB policy and program manager

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Land managers and recreation enthusiasts alike can now review and browse all known eMTB and e-bike policies throughout the U.S.

PeopleForBikes is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind Electric Mountain Bike Policy Database for land managers and recreation enthusiasts. With this new tool, users can now review and browse all existing eMTB and e-bike policies across the United States, outlining rules relating to electric bicycles and where they can be ridden.

Access the Electric Mountain Bike Policy Database

Currently, different regions and jurisdictions each have their own patchwork of rules regarding e-bike usage on trails, multi-use paths, and other recreational and transportation infrastructure. This lack of consistent policies can create confusion for trail users who may not be aware of the differences in regulations from place to place. PeopleForBikes saw the crucial need to create a tool to help everyone understand the rules and regulations for any given trail. 

Using the tool, users can discover where e-bikes and eMTBs are allowed on trails, as well as what class(es) of e-bikes are allowed. Whether you are curious about eMTB rules in a nearby state park, at a downhill mountain bike park, or on land managed by the United States Forest Service, this database and tool helps provide the necessary information on use and access. 

As e-bike technology continues to evolve and becomes increasingly more popular, having clear policies and a searchable database will help trail planners and land managers accommodate these changes and integrate e-bike usage into trail systems safely and sustainably.


PeopleForBikes encourages everyone to explore the new database and offer feedback using this Google Form. Are we missing a park or forest policy that you want to see? Do we not have the most updated information? Let us know! We are excited to grow and refine this list with the help of trail users across the U.S.

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