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November 15, 2022

A Data-Driven Bike Industry, Powered by PeopleForBikes

By: Patrick Hogan, senior research manager

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With a significant investment approved to expand our research and statistics program, PeopleForBikes is working to create a more comprehensive view of bicycling in the U.S.

Bicycling and the bike business has changed dramatically since 2019. PeopleForBikes is committed to improving all aspects of our data, statistics, and research program to continue the growth of our industry for years to come.

In December 2021, the PeopleForBikes Coalition Board of Directors approved a significant investment to expand our research and statistics program through 2024. This investment will improve the PeopleForBikes' Business Intelligence Hub and Member Center by increasing the geographic specificity of our data, ensuring better data accuracy and representation, and getting information to our members more quickly. 

This program expansion will create a more comprehensive view of bicycling in the U.S., allowing PeopleForBikes to better support bicycle industry growth, expand infrastructure investments, lobby for effective policy, and increase bicycling participation nationwide.

New Tools for Bike Businesses — In 2023, PeopleForBikes Will:

  • Enhance and extend participation and market sales data.
  • Address gaps in the direct-to-consumer, third party, and used bicycle markets.
  • Create new data tools including a Recreational Bicycle Access Tool; a quarterly risk and opportunity forecast from S&P Global; and PeopleForBikes-owned and directed research panels of consumers, retailers, and suppliers. 
  • Improve summarized and detailed reporting from all of our data sources to make insights relevant and actionable.
  • Expand the Business Intelligence Hub and develop an easily searchable research portal on

Ridership and purchase behaviors shifted in 2022, reflecting a year of market volatility, and many expect the overall bicycle market to retract in 2023 as a result of broader economic trends. PeopleForBikes’ research team is prepared to provide the industry with valuable resources as we enter the new year. Our new, more effective tools will help brands and dealers prepare for an uncertain short-term future.

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