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At PeopleForBikes, we know that bikes make life great. Our goal is to make the U.S. the best place in the world to ride a bike. With your help, we can make that vision a reality.
Since 1999, thanks to your support, PeopleForBikes has worked in hundreds of communities nationwide to get more people on bikes more often and make biking better for everyone. Our more than 1.4 million supporters from across the U.S. help us secure billions in federal funding for more and better bike infrastructure and key programs like City Ratings and the Final Mile help build better bike networks right in your backyard. Since 1999, through our industry community grants program, we’ve donated more than $3.6 million and leveraged $775 million in funding for local bike projects, advocacy organizations, and education programs.
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Your Impact at People for Bikes
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    PeopleForBikes’ support of Outride and the Youth Cycling Coalition helps introduce more young riders to the joys of bicycling by expanding opportunity and access, especially in historically underserved communities.
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    Our VoteForBikes initiative supports dozens of pro-bike ballot measures in communities nationwide every year, with hundreds of millions of dollars approved for new or renewed funding for local trails and street safety improvements, connecting communities by opening and improving more great places to ride.
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    39 total states have adopted PeopleForBikes’ model, three-class electric bicycle definitions, which define e-bikes similarly to traditional bikes, and we’ve worked in a dozen cities and states to introduce e-bike purchase incentive programs. This work helps expand access for more Americans to afford and safely ride electric bicycles in their communities.
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    Our Final Mile program, in partnership with the Wend Collective, accelerated the construction of complete mobility networks in five U.S. cities and built 300 miles of new bike infrastructure in record time, connecting communities and their residents like never before.
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    Ride Spot

    Our national Ride Spot Challenges inspire folks across the U.S. to explore their communities by bike, with more than 300,000 rides recorded in 2022 alone.
  • Above + Beyond Corporate Support
    PeopleForBikes works with more than 325 bike industry companies to help advance our work across our three key pillars: infrastructure, policy, and participation. Endemic and non-endemic corporate partners can support our work in the following ways.
    Learn more about these programs and get involved by contacting Rod Judd ( or Kerri Salazar (
    Ways to Give
    PeopleForBikes makes it easy to give.
    Maximize Your Support
    Giving to the PeopleForBikes Foundation is flexible — you can donate to one of our many programs, or choose to make a donation that best meets the Foundation’s area of greatest need. Here are some of the different areas you can support by giving to PeopleForBikes:
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    1,000 Bike Projects Across America

    We’re working to make biking safer by accelerating the construction of thousands of bike projects from coast to coast. Your support can help build protected bike lanes, off-street paths and trails, pump tracks, bike parks, and more right in your backyard.
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    More Kids on Bikes

    We believe biking should be accessible and fun for every kid across the U.S. By supporting our youth programming work, you’re helping grow the next generation of riders by getting more kids on bikes more often.
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    Trails + Recreation

    PeopleForBikes works to grow recreational riding opportunities nationwide. You can support our work preserving and expanding access for mountain biking, gravel riding, and long-distance trails to help more Americans experience the joys of biking in the great outdoors.
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    Benefits for Biking

    We encourage cities, states, and the federal government to provide incentives for biking like tax credits, purchase rebates, and more. Your support helps us get these benefits in place to make biking more accessible in your community.
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