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Our nation is in desperate need of immediate action and long-term planning to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change. Thankfully, the simple act of riding a bike, even just a couple times a week, can play a meaningful part in climate action. ‍ At PeopleForBikes, we work to support policies, programs and incentives that recognize the power of the bicycle in reducing harmful carbon emissions and reaching climate resiliency goals.

Our annual City Ratings program is a data-driven approach to evaluating, identifying and comparing the best global cities and towns for bicycling. Using this data, we help city leaders pinpoint improvements to make biking better for everyone in their communities.

Keep Riding is PeopleForBikes’ industry campaign to embrace the millions of new riders who discovered, or rediscovered, bicycling in 2020. Through the lenses of community, freedom, perseverance, achievement and celebration, we can inspire these new riders to keep riding through 2021 and beyond.

In June 2020, we shared our first action plan to fight bias and racism within bicycling, the bike industry, bike advocacy and our organization. Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism connects to the very core of PeopleForBikes’ mission — to make biking better for everyone.

The Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) is a data analysis tool that measures how well bike networks connect people with the places they want to go using OpenStreetMap and national census statistics.

We created our COVID-19 Industry Resources page at the onset of the pandemic to keep the bike industry up to date on the latest news at the federal and state levels, host resources to help small businesses navigate the pandemic and share news stories about the increase in bicycling and the resulting bike boom.

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