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The trajectory of the industry is influenced by our collective power as bike businesses. These webinars have been carefully chosen to offer insight into high priority and relevant topics. As the industry landscape changes, we all must adapt and learn to promote better biking for everyone. Please use these resources as a way to stay up-to-date on industry activity and position your business for success.

2022 Webinar Schedule:

Jan. 18

How PeopleForBikes Is Improving Bicycling and Bike Business in 2022 and Beyond » REGISTER HERE

PeopleForBikes set an audacious goal to make the United States the best bicycling nation in the world. Join our next industry webinar on Jan. 18 to learn about our programs, partnerships, goals and vision for improving bicycling and the bike business in 2022 and beyond.

Feb. 21

Deep Dive Into Trade, Tariffs and Country of Origin

March 31

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series

April 28

Changing Commuter Culture in Northwest Arkansas, Then North America

May 31

Electric Bicycle Battery Recycling Program

June 29

PeopleForBikes City Ratings and Bicycle Network Analysis Tool

July 20

Recreational Riding: Trails, Mountain Bikes and Conservation

July 27

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series

Aug. 31

Understanding Supply Chains

Sept. 29

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series

Oct. 26

Youth Cycling Coalition and Outride

Nov. 30

The Power Behind Commercial Electric Cargo Bikes

Dec. 15

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series

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