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The trajectory of the industry is influenced by our collective power as bike businesses. These webinars have been carefully chosen to offer insight into high priority and relevant topics. As the industry landscape changes, we all must adapt and learn to promote better biking for everyone. Please use these resources as a way to stay up-to-date on industry activity and position your business for success.

2023 Webinar Schedule:

Jan. 26

How PeopleForBikes Is Improving Bicycling and Bike Business in 2023 » WATCH HERE

Centered around our goal of becoming the best bicycling nation in the world, PeopleForBikes President and CEO Jenn Dice gives you a closer look at our initiatives to accelerate the construction of safe, fun, and connected places to bike; advance pro-bike and pro-bike-business legislation; and reduce barriers to bicycling and welcome more people to the joys of riding a bike.

Feb. 8

Opportunities and Insights from the 2022 US Bicycling Participation Study » WATCH HERE

According to new data published by PeopleForBikes, more Americans rode a bike in 2022 than in any year previously measured. Approximately 108 million people ages 3 and older rode a bicycle at least once last year. This webinar provides a comprehensive look at areas of growth, challenge, and opportunities for continuing the upward trajectory of ridership in the U.S.

March 10

A Sustainable Packaging Guide for the Bike Industry » WATCH HERE

PeopleForBikes’ new Sustainable Packaging Guide provides resources and advice for organizations both big and small looking to make their packaging more sustainable. The guide breaks down barriers and offers greener solutions to some of the most prominent packaging issues that affect our industry. In the webinar, get a sneak peek at the guide alongside advice from leaders in the sustainable packaging space.

March 29

Introducing the S&P Global Risk and Opportunity Forecast >> WATCH HERE

PeopleForBikes is pleased to introduce our newest member benefit: The S&P Global Risk and Opportunity Forecast. This report offers a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the potential threats and opportunities that the bicycle industry is expected to face in the next five years. Additionally, the report contains detailed unit sales forecasts for bicycles, in addition to forecasts for individual categories such as kids' bikes and electric bikes.

May 31

Hungry for Batteries: Fueling Sustainability in the Bike Industry >> WATCH HERE

Between 2020 and 2030, more than 12 million e-bikes are expected to be sold in the United States. At some point, the batteries powering those bikes will need to be safely and responsibly collected and recycled. Hungry for Batteries, powered by Call2Recycle and endorsed by PeopleForBikes, is the bike industry’s first-of-its-kind unified battery recycling solution. Launched publicly in May 2023, 52 brands are currently participating with more than 1,800 end-of-life battery drop-off locations nationwide. Join us to learn more about how you and your organization can support this effort to remove e-bike batteries from our waste streams and create a more circular industry. 

June 21

User Perceptions of eMTBs on Trails >> WATCH HERE

While some land managers and trail networks are setting policies around Class 1 pedal-assist electric mountain bike (eMTB) usage, the direction of future eMTB policy remains largely undetermined. With this in mind, the University of Vermont’s Center for Rural Studies (CRS) conducted a pilot study on the use of Class 1 eMTBs on natural surface, singletrack trails in collaboration with PeopleForBikes and nonprofit trail organization Fellowship of the Wheel. The goal of the study was to gather more information and better understand perspectives around the inclusion of eMTBs on mountain bike trails. This webinar will share results from the final report and study methodology from CRS researchers.

July 17

2023 State + Local Legislative Recap >> WATCH HERE

2023 has been a busy legislative session for all things safety, recreation, e-bikes, active transportation, and more. Join the PeopleForBikes state and local policy team for nationwide insights from Florida to California on top wins and trends we expect to see in future sessions. We’ll also share resources for you to enact policy change for better bicycling in your community and stay engaged in our advocacy efforts as we move into the 2024 state legislative sessions.

July 27

Sustainability Certifications and the Bike Industry >> WATCH HERE

Join us for an engaging webinar with D. Scott Borden, PhD, faculty at the IE Business School in Spain and assistant professor of business at the University of Arkansas, unpacking sustainability certifications relevant to the bike industry. Dr. Borden will present findings from surveys of more than 1,000 prospective customers, outlining their knowledge and willingness to purchase products associated with various certifications. This analysis will provide a deeper understanding of customer segments and the return on investment (ROI) of relevant sustainability certifications.

Aug. 15

The Great Bike Infrastructure Project: PeopleForBikes’ New Program to Advance Bike Projects and Policies in Communities Nationwide >> WATCH HERE

This webinar showcases our newest program — the Great Bike Infrastructure Project — taking a bold step to build more livable communities by advancing thousands of bike projects and pro-bike legislation in all 50 states. Learn about our new national database of planned bike infrastructure projects, our legislative strategies guide for cities and states, and how you can get involved in making biking better for recreation and transportation in your own backyard.

Sept. 22

Pedaling Forward Together: Building Communities through Youth + Retailer Engagement >> WATCH HERE

Youth are the future of the bike industry and our communities! Join us for a webinar panel on the benefits and impacts three bicycle retailers are seeing in their business and in their community by engaging with local youth programming. Learn from the experiences of shop owners as they share strategies, challenges, and successes in their work to engage youth.

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