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The trajectory of the industry is influenced by our collective power as bike businesses. These webinars have been carefully chosen to offer insight into high priority and relevant topics. As the industry landscape changes, we all must adapt and learn to promote better biking for everyone. Please use these resources as a way to stay up-to-date on industry activity and position your business for success.

2021 Webinar Schedule:

Jan. 21 

How PeopleForBikes Is Working For You in 2021 » WATCH NOW

We are dedicated to keeping bikes front and center. This means helping new riders stay on their bikes, positioning bikes as an essential and prominent part of COVID-19 recovery and continuing the growth of bike sales and participation well into the future.

Feb. 25

How The New Administration Can Go Big for Bikes » WATCH NOW

We'll take a look at legislative and administrative opportunities for bike policy at the federal level in the next six months. PeopleForBikes is working with the Biden administration and 117th Congress on all things electric bicycles and infrastructure funding, lowering carbon emissions and expanding recreation access.

April 21

Electric Bicycle Purchase Incentives: Benefits for Your Customers » WATCH NOW

Electric bicycle purchase incentives stand to benefit your business, your customers and the planet. Join us to learn the latest on the congressional E-BIKE Act, incentive programs at the state and local levels, and how you can support the creation of purchase incentives in your community.

April 28

You Sold a Bike. Now What?  » WATCH NOW

We built Ride Spot to address the top barriers to riding head-on, and while we didn’t intend to create a post-pandemic solution for our industry, that’s what we’ve done!  Ride Spot makes it easy to promote great riding experiences to riders of all skill levels in an inviting way, both in store and online. Our Affiliate tools make it easy to engage riders with routes, events and challenges.

May 27

Understanding Inventory Data » WATCH NOW

Learn about the current state of the supply chain and inventory levels. Use our new inventory data and insights from NPD Group to make smarter decisions and guide your company’s production levels. We’ll show you how to access these tools within the PeopleForBikes Member Center.

June 24

City Ratings Goes Global: New Cities + New Scoring » WATCH NOW

The PeopleForBikes City Ratings is a data-driven approach to evaluate how good cities are for bicycling. This year, we expanded to feature more than 600 U.S. cities, including 150 brand new to the program. We’ve also gone international, with 12 countries represented. Find out more about this year's ratings and learn from top performing cities on how to improve biking in your community.


Understanding & Using Apparel Market Data » WATCH NOW

Learn about newly available apparel market data from NPD Group and how to access it in the PeopleForBikes Member Center. This webinar will also include a discussion on what we're seeing in retail inventory data specific to the apparel market.


No webinar this month


No webinar this month

Oct. 27

2021 Electric Bicycle Legislation Update: Access, Incentives and Inspiration » WATCH NOW

As of this year, 36 states have signed PeopleForBikes’ model electric bicycle legislation into law. Join our next industry webinar on Oct. 27 to learn more about the latest policies helping to improve access for electric bicycles, as well as updates on incentive initiatives including the E-BIKE Act and the Bicycle Commuter Act.

Nov. 30

PeopleForBikes’ One Ride At a Time Campaign » WATCH NOW

The consensus is clear: bicycles can play a crucial part in broader climate solutions and Americans nationwide are increasingly choosing bicycles to meet their transportation needs. Join our next industry webinar on Nov. 30 to learn about PeopleForBikes’ new One Ride at a Time campaign and how you can get involved to incentivize your customers to replace short car trips with bike rides and help combat climate change.

Dec. 9

Trade & Tariff Outlook: How The Changes Affect Your Business » LINK COMING SOON

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