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The trajectory of the industry is influenced by our collective power as bike businesses. These webinars have been carefully chosen to offer insight into high priority and relevant topics. As the industry landscape changes, we all must adapt and learn to promote better biking for everyone. Please use these resources as a way to stay up-to-date on industry activity and position your business for success.

2022 Webinar Schedule:

Jan. 18

How PeopleForBikes Is Improving Bicycling and Bike Business in 2022 and Beyond » WATCH HERE

PeopleForBikes set an audacious goal to make the United States the best bicycling nation in the world. Join our industry webinar on Jan. 18 to learn about our programs, partnerships, goals and vision for improving bicycling and the bike business in 2022 and beyond.

Feb. 24

Leveraging the Infrastructure Bill for Bikes >> WATCH HERE

As a member of the bike industry, what is the most effective way to engage your local officials to use new infrastructure funding for bike lanes, trails and more? The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act opens up unprecedented avenues for funding bicycle projects nationwide. Learn from experts at PeopleForBikes and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy about key categories of funds, engagement opportunities at the city and state levels and how you can be a force to get more folks in your community riding.

March 31

Changing Commuter Culture in Northwest Arkansas, Then North America >> WATCH HERE

Businesses are uniquely positioned to grow bicycling participation through employer-sponsored incentive programs. Join PeopleForBikes and Bikes Make Life Better as they discuss lessons learned from launching corporate bike programs in Northwest Arkansas and beyond!

April 28

Recreational Riding: Trails and Mountain Bikes >> WATCH HERE

As more Americans choose mountain biking and electric mountain biking (eMTB) for close-to-home recreation, trail users are looking for more opportunities to access and connect with the outdoors on public lands. Join Rachel Fussell, PeopleForBikes’ eMTB policy and program manager, and Noa Banayan, PeopleForBikes’ director of federal affairs, to learn about our efforts and initiatives to create more and better access for all riders nationwide.

May 18

Understanding Supply Chains >> WATCH HERE

During this webinar, we will discuss recent changes in the flow of bicycle products and capital to better understand how the bike industry supply chain might react to future changes. We will give a brief overview of the current state of retail sales, describe inventory levels and discuss upcoming market opportunities, all through the lens of the supply chain adapting to new constraints.

June 23

PeopleForBikes City Ratings and Bicycle Network Analysis Tool >> WATCH HERE

PeopleForBikes’ 2022 City Ratings rated 1,058 U.S. cities and 47 Canadian cities on the quality and connectivity of their bike networks. Learn which cities are climbing up the rankings and how cities of all shapes and sizes can improve bicycling using our six SPRINT principles: safe speeds, protected bike lanes, road diets, intersection treatments, network connections and trusted data. The webinar will also cover PeopleForBikes’ future plans to further grow the City Ratings program.

June 29

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series Pt. 1: Unconscious Bias, Systemic Oppression, and Power Dynamics >> WATCH HERE

Join PeopleForBikes as we launch a new, three-part webinar series sharing foundational knowledge and best practices for building an equitable bike industry. Biking has the potential to truly be an activity for everyone, but we need to work harder to make that a reality. To fight systemic exclusion within the bicycle industry, we need to start with ourselves and our workplaces. In our first installment, Aparna Rajagopal from the Avarna Group will illustrate how unconscious bias manifests in our assumptions, interpersonal interactions and even feeds into systems of oppression that affect the entire bike industry and community. Lindsay Knight from Specialized will also share how we can use this knowledge to change power structures in our organizations to elevate marginalized voices. There will be time for small group discussion and questions for our speakers.

July 20

Electric Bicycle Battery Recycling Program >> WATCH HERE

Join PeopleForBikes and Call2Recycle to learn more about the bicycle industry’s groundbreaking electric bicycle battery recycling program. The program is administered by Call2Recycle, the country’s premier battery collection, logistics and recycling experts, and endorsed by PeopleForBikes. 

While the program is voluntary, states across the country are exploring legislation to mandate battery recycling programs. For example, California’s HB 2440 is currently moving through the state legislature and would require the collection and recycling of electric bicycle batteries while allowing residents to turn in batteries for free.  

During the webinar, experts from Call2Recycle will share how the program may adapt as regulations evolve and suppliers and retailers will learn how the program can help them safely and responsibly charge, store and collect lithium ion batteries.

Aug. 31

Bike Friendly Businesses >> WATCH HERE

Many workplaces want to be a positive force for biking in their community but aren’t sure where to start. Join our webinar to learn how the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Business program is helping businesses across the nation transform their communities by creating bicycle-friendly places and work environments for their employees, customers and community members. You’ll also learn about PeopleForBikes’ Arrive Happy! campaign and other resources to kick-start getting more employees on bikes.

Sept. 29

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series Pt. 2: Individual Growth for a More Equitable Bicycle Industry >> REGISTER HERE

11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. MT

Join PeopleForBikes for the second installment of our three-part webinar series sharing foundational knowledge and best practices for building an equitable bike industry. This webinar will focus on the individual-level change and self understanding that must precede organizational or institutional evolution. After sharing foundational skills and questions, we will break into racial affinity groups for learning and community building most relevant to our racialized experiences in the outdoor industry. 

Aparna Rajagopal from the Avarna Group will lead a space for BIPOC attendees around processing through exclusionary structures, building connections around shared experiences and identifying supportive strategies in a predominantly white industry. Elyse Rylander from Quality Bicycle Products will lead a concurrent space for white attendees around common sources of discomfort that give rise to white silence and defensiveness and how to commit to tangible actions that break down barriers to access and belonging. There will also be time for small group discussion and questions for our speakers.

Oct. 26

Youth Cycling Coalition and Outride

Nov. 16

<To Be Determined>

Dec. 8

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop Series Pt. 3: Equity-Centered Communications & Marketing

10 - 11:30 a.m. MT

Complete Series

Want to see what we were up to in 2021? Check out our YouTube channel for the complete series.

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