Electric Bicycles

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Electric bicycle (e-bike) laws are different in every state, and can be confusing for consumers, retailers, and suppliers. The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association and PeopleForBikes have a partnership to make riding an e-bike easy and accessible for all.

With clear rules on how and where to ride an e-bike, everyone stands to benefit. Local bicycle shops and manufacturers will see increased business and their customers will no longer be confused; people who already ride e-bikes can more easily understand where to ride; and new bicyclists who may be discouraged from riding a traditional bicycle due to limited physical fitness, age, disability or convenience will have new transportation alternatives.

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Info on Electric Mountain Bikes 

Note: Remember that eMTB access on singletrack is different than access to paved and soft surface bike lanes and bike paths. eMTBs are not allowed everywhere traditional mountain bikes are. Always consult with your local land manager for access questions.  


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