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people for bikes...and growing

Bikepacking basics

You may have heard of “bike touring,” but what about “bikepacking”? Here are some tips on trying this new craze this summer.

Everyday riders, everyday racers

Whether you’re a parent towing kids to the grocery store, a new rider or a lifetime weekend warrior, you have more in common with Tour de France racers than you might think.

Biking the National Parks

Our West Coast Crew has been riding their bikes all over the place, including several National Parks.

The winds of change

When Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida in 2005, one of the most dangerous areas for bicyclists turned into an unexpected bicycling utopia…for a few days, anyway

The rise of the e-bike

After experiencing exponential growth in Europe and China, e-bikes are poised to establish themselves as standard in the United States.