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PeopleForBikes grants are funded by U.S. bicycle industry members who participate in the Employee Pro Purchase (EPP) Program. This Program creates an easy way for bike industry employees to give back to the sport that makes their jobs possible. For bikes or equipment purchased at a pro-deal discount, participating companies collect a small donation for the PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program. It’s a nominal charge the purchaser pays in addition to the discounted price of the bike or other equipment. Participating companies collect the money and send it to PeopleForBikes.

Implement the Employee Pro Purchase Program in three easy steps:

  • STEP 1: Add a line on the fee section of your Pro Deal Form titled, “Community Grant Donation: Add $20” **
  • STEP 2: Create a SKU code for this fee so you can track it
  • STEP 3: Run a report on the money collected by this fee every quarter and make the donation to PeopleForBikes, noting it is for EPP

**EPP Participants collect $20 on every bicycle sold as a pro deal; you can identify an appropriate donation amount for other gear or equipment.

Every dollar we collect through the Employee Pro Purchase Program goes directly to our Community Grant Program. Each year we award more than $100,000 in cash grants to fund new bike paths, trails, and other programs that encourage people to ride. We’ve awarded more than $3.5 million since 1999.

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