Riding habits and how they’re changing

December 09, 2016

Jennifer Boldry, PhD, director of research

In October of 2016, we asked a segment of our email list about their riding habits. Specifically, we wanted to know how their riding has changed. Just over 1,500 individuals responded to our survey and this is what they said:

  • Most have ridden on the road at some point (93%).
  • About 30% of road riders either didn’t ride this year or rode less.
  • Among those who are riding less, only 16% are riding other places.
  • Top reasons for riding less are not enough time (44%) and concern about motor vehicle traffic (38%).

We also asked what would encourage our members to road ride at all or more frequently. In the word cloud below, font size represents how frequently a word was mentioned.

Clearly both better and safer places to ride are crucial to getting more people on bikes more often.

We are interested in how those of you who keep riding deal with time constraints. Share your ideas for getting that ride in even when time is tight, in the comments.

Want to share your opinions with us? Join us here and look for our next survey coming out in January.

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