Why I Ride

Dave Wainwright - Memphis, TN

Why I Ride

I ride because it is the only exercise I've ever done that I can truly say I enjoy. I mean it too.

I've never been a big fitness nut and about 6 or 7 years ago I found myself at the point where I could barely walk a single flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. I was stressed out. I was out of shape. I was overweight and I was watching my Cholesterol and BP numbers slowly but steadily rise.

I asked my brother Buddy if he would be willing to give me an old Raleigh Pro he had hanging in his Garage, I know for 15 years, and he said sure. I replaced the tires, cleaned it, tuned it and started riding 10 miles to work and 10 miles home the first weeek.

At first, I found myself panting like a puppy. No kidding. My pulse recovery time was lunch. Riding home was torture in August. I drank lots of water and took aspirin for the pain, but I hung in there. I rode 800 miles the first year.

The next year, I rode 1,000 miles. The next year, 1,250. Now, I'm riding 2,500 per year and have completed 10,000 miles in the last 4 years. My BP was 100/67 at a doctor's visit last week. My Cholesterol is that of a young athlete. The best part, I feel better and don't have to fire up my 5.4 liter V-8 Ford to get to work or home.

Out of gas is now a state of mind and rarely litteral. I saved enough money to buy a CF bike just because I wanted one. I sleep better. I'm less stressed. I eat better. I drink less alcohol. I maintain a very stable weight and I think I can do this for a long time.

Why do I Ride? It's the best thing I do for myself in my life.

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