Why I Ride? Let Me Count the Ways…

Simon Haug - Grand Forks, ND

Why I Ride? Let Me Count the Ways…

It’s easy to get exercise and helps you train for races, sports, or anything else. I mostly bike to commute. My family and I bike mostly EVERYWHERE, except the 1,000-mile drive to Boulder, Colorado. I ride a Surly Cross Check. It’s a great bike to get if you need something to get to work, or just for going on a ride. I learned to ride when I was 3, and raced cyclocross for Boulder Junior Cycling (BJC) at 10. Cycling is a great source of transportation, and I just love it. We currently live in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin, which is a great cycling town.

All in all, I say we need to get more of America off the couch and in the saddle, because biking is pretty easy, and it’s healthy for you. So that is why and what I think of cycling. Thanks for reading! And keep on biking!

By Simon, 11 years old

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