When I was little I…

Sarah Bass - Chattanooga, TN

When I was little I…

When I was little, I use to love the sound of my shoes hitting my bike's front wheel spokes when I was coasting... until the unfortunate day that my shoes got caught. My little 7 year old body went flying over the front handlebars, creating a physical display of the definition of EPIC FAIL! I hated my life for a solid 27 seconds.

My twin brother and star witness of this impressive FAIL rushed over to me. He helped me up, briefly hugged me and told me that I was okay. "Don't cry, Sarah. We fall to get back up so that we can do what we were doing better... wanna race?"

We raced and played bike hide and seek into the night with the neighborhood kids-- scraped hands, knees and all! I don't know why I remember that story so well, besides the fact that those were the wisest words I've ever heard out of a 7 year old.

People do stupid things in life. We fall, learn, and get back up to do it better the second time. Just don't forget to let yourself have fun when you're done learning.

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