When I was a little boy

Markus Habner -

When I was a little boy

When I was a little boy I could lie for hours on a meadow, dreaming away and watching a bug climbing up a blade of grass forgetting all about the world around me. I became so absorbed in the bug’s world that it almost felt as if I could accompany my new friend on its way. Usually my mom woke me up from my dream by calling me for dinner. My Dad always had the best names for the bugs.

Then I grew up had to work and lived a reasonable life.

Since we've (my wife and I) been travelling by bike, camping, I've been finding plenty of time and leisure for the immediate moment. With wind and weather in my face I started dreaming again and became aware of the small things that lie on the way. In the evenings happiness meant a cup of tea reflecting about the day.

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