What a wonderful feeling

Robert Crivelli - Houston, TX

What a wonderful feeling

In thinking back 50+ years I'm not really sure that I remember my first bike as I know I had two as a child.  My first bike was very old and kept on breaking all the time. I was fixing it more than I was riding it!

What I can say is now that I'm 60+ years old, I've started riding bicycles again and I have to say, I love it!
I purchased a used bike but it just didn't feel right, then I purchased a bike from a local bike shop and although I did enjoy riding it (it was a comfort bike) it became a tool for not only exercise but also enjoyment.

Then I actually built my latest bike which I now named 'Bikenstein'.  It consist a parts from various bikes and many new parts but it has everything that give me such enjoyment while pedalling.

I purchased the frame that was a perfect fit for me.  Then I purchased a new bottom bracket and crankset.  I logged into Youtube.com and watched video on how to remove the old parts and install the new parts.  The satisfaction of doing the work myself was beyond the words I could find to describe my joy. 

Every part on this bicycle is new.  I purchased a SRAM 2-speed Hub which kicks into a higher gear at 10.7 mph. I stripped off the original hand brakes and use coaster brakes.  The bike is light and fast.

It just seems to fit my personality. And, it's original and unique.  The frame may be 40+ years old but the 27"" wheels are new as well as the new step I replaced.  I adopted the quill from threaded head-set to a threadless head set conversion and it fits more like a comfort bike.
I'm riding 22+ miles each day and I becoming more comfortable and feeling more joy with each ride.
My next project is to remove the chain and replace with a 'Bates Belt Drive'.
All the work is performed by myself and that alone is such a great satisfaction of accomplishment.  Especially because it rides so smooth and is so fast.
What a wonderful feeling.

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