We moved cross-country to ride!

Alethea Smartt - Portland, OR

We moved cross-country to ride!

My husband & I had the option to move anywhere in the U.S. in 2012. We have both traveled extensively and had made a list of criteria for our new hometown. One of the top 5 most important things was a good bicycling community with high participation rates, well-marked bike lanes, advocacy groups, cycling shops, etc. We ultimately chose Portland, OR.

We have now lived here for 1 1/2 years. We have fully embraced the bicycling culture. We do not own a car. My husband commutes to work by bicycle every day, rain or shine. I use my bike for daily errands. We do pub crawls and long rides on the weekends. Recently, we took our bikes on Amtrak to Eugene, OR and rode 40+ miles on the trails there.

I love riding my bike. I feel better physically, have less impact on the environment, and I enjoy the comraderie I experience with fellow riders.

The photo I attached is of our bikes on top of Mt Tabor, which has wonderful 360 degree views of Portland. I shot the video with my hand-held camera last summer during Sunday Parkways (when the city closes 8-9 miles of roads for bike & foot traffic only).

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