Two wheeled therapy

Sara Shaw - Milwaukee, WI

Two wheeled therapy

Shed the MONSTER. Shed the tears. The dislikes and anxious thoughts. Shed the depression and the troubled times. Shed the guilt and the shame - all the layers and layers and parts of me that contain fear and self doubt. What's left? STRENGTH, HAPPINESS and INNER PEACE.

That is biking. That will always be biking for me. The roads. The woods. the downhill. I don't care what kind it is, as long as my wheels are moving and my legs feel the encouraging ache that only comes from pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible.

It is my saving grace. I ride to fight the anxiety. The beast that creeps in all too often these days. The motion and the focus, the fresh air and the simple sounds of life existing around me beat back the demons and I am left whole again.

The never ending miles have helped me to understand my life. The loss that comes from losing someone you love. It's where I have dealt with the craziness of starting my life over when everything seemed to be spinning out of control. It is where I rearrange my head and find comfort in the soul bearing conversations between friends.

I have always said this...I am my father's daughter. Genetically inheriting a restless spirit. No matter how gnarly I get or how off kilter life may seem, I always find peace balancing on two wheels.

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