“There’s no way I’ll ever ride a road bike and wear spandex like that”. WRONG

Patrick Walker - Portland, ME

“There’s no way I’ll ever ride a road bike and wear spandex like that”. WRONG

I clearly remember when I was in my early teens, riding my BMX bike, thinking and repeatedly saying: ""There's no way I'll ever ride a road bike and wear spandex like that"".  Well, it turns out I was very wrong.  After running a couple of marathons, I realized I was actually pretty bored running on the hard pavement.  I needed something different.  I needed a road bike. 

The thought of a road bike had never really passed my mind from grade school through college.  I think the boredom of running roads is what really made me decide to change my thoughts.  That, and of course countless photos and videos of Lance Armstrong and other Tour de France riders looking so damn fit in their spandex. 

I spent countless hours on Craigslist searching for the right bike. Finally, I came across a lightly used Cannondale R600.  We quickly became best friends.  I instantly fell in love with the quickness of cruising down the roads and speeding down hills.  At the time, I was living on the north shore of Massachusetts, so my hills were very limited.  Until Colorado came. 

Moving to Boulder, Colorado changed me even more.  These weren't hills that had to be climbed, they were mountains.  I quickly  became obsessed.  I can honestly say that my passion for cycling has grown into something which I believe will be a lifelong love.  The feeling of being on my bike (now a nice new Cannondale) is an instant high.  And yes, I wear spandex every single time I ride.

I will never ever regret making the decision to throw down a few bucks for my first road bike.  I have become more athletic than ever before, and have attracted my cousin and friend to the sport of cycling.  My first (real) bike has changed my life forever.  And I love it.  Ride on!

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