The little places that you never thought existed

Kathleen Riley - Wesley Chapel, FL

The little places that you never thought existed

Being on a bike has so many benefits. It's comfy, contours to your liking, environmentally-friendly, and it takes you to into places you never thought existed. I'm an extremely spontaneous person, and due to the tri-city commute I have to take every day, I don't have that chance to ride my bike as much as I would like to. I'll be driving down a major street and see a nook between two buildings, and wonder what I could find down there. I love exploring, and driving has its limitations. I also hate rush hour, and there's been no road expansion in Tampa, let alone advocacy for more bike lanes around town!

Every time I travel somewhere, I always make sure to include a bike tour or related trip in there somewhere. I miss out on the bottlenecking, and I get to explore the small places that a car couldn't take you down. I've experienced the back roads of Montreal, and the valleys of the Smoky Mountains.

It's hard for people to appreciate what they have unless they have nothing. Although I don't have a lavish living situation and I never have, I feel like I do already whenever I'm riding my bike. I get from point A to B (and points A2, A6, etc) without spending money, I'm reducing my carbon footprint, and I get to feel the wind across my face. If there's one thing that biking has allowed me to do, it's allowed me to love what I have and the little things in life...and to feel the breeze that most people miss out on.

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