The Green Murray Bike

Keley Smith-Keller - Decorah, IA

The Green Murray Bike

I‚Äôd wanted a bicycle for as long as I could remember ‚Äì in my short life.  At age seven, I‚Äôd sit on the step of the Richardson home on Nebraska Street (around the corner from my home) and enviously watch all of the neighborhood kids ride by on their bicycles.  While I didn‚Äôt know how to ride a bicycle, I wanted one badly.  I begged my parents frequently for a bike.  I‚Äôd get a vague reply.

Weeks went by and NO bike.

Unbeknownst to me, my Smith great-grandparents were on a mission!  Great-grandma Smith had been saving trading stamps (this was a common practice 50 years ago; trading stamps were given with just about every grocery store purchase and people put them in stamp books to trade in for prizes and other goods.).  With enough stamp books in hand, she and Great-grandpa Smith got a green Murray bicycle for me for my 8th birthday.

I remember going down our basement stairs on my birthday to see that beautiful (and HEAVY) bicycle.  While I couldn't ride it yet, that took a week of trial and error in our back alley‚ I can not recall a happier moment  in my childhood. I wish I still had that ole Murray bike!

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