The Anniversary of my First Bike!

Josie Smith - Decorah, IA

The Anniversary of my First Bike!

The anniversary of my first ever, purchased myself, bike will be 6/17/13.

Last year I decided one day that I, indeed, needed a bike. It had been years since I've ridden one, and I was petrified that I had somehow forgotten. I said that I would have a bike by the weekend. Little did I know, that would be true.

Ultimately I had to ask the help of a friend, more to just be there for moral and communication support (I was nervous!) and that Friday I picked out my Fuji bike. I picked my bike up that Sunday (17th) and subsequently have been biking since. I've added 2 bikes to my home, with more on the way. Ironically, my bike didn't just grant me new-found freedom, but a new boyfriend/riding partner!

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