South San Francisco Bay Area rider

William Poulin - San Jose, CA

South San Francisco Bay Area rider

I try to ride to work every day of the week but having to jump from one job to another, sometimes it is impossible. My ride to work is about 14 miles one way and it is a very enjoyable ride. I do ride on some streets between the Los Gatos Creek Trail and the Guadalupe River Trail, downtown San Jose, to get to Santa Clara. The street ride section is not bad, but some motorists can make you nervous sometimes. Would be great to have bike paths all the way.

When I first started biking around the valley, I felt that wherever I went was just too far. That is because I was not used to biking that much. After doing it very often, the Santa Clara Valley actually is not that big. You can get anywhere by bike. Sure it is faster by car sometimes, but what is the rush, really.

When I ride my bike to places, it is AWAYS a very enjoyable experience. More and more, I think about getting rid of my truck.

I am not doing it to lose weight, it is just happening!

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