Pedaling toward sobriety

Bob Mitchell - Greenville, SC

Pedaling toward sobriety

Years  ago, when I was a teen my first job was an apprentice mechanic in a local shop. It was there that I fell in love with bicycling and the freedom I could experience atop my two wheeled vehicle of escapism. Alas, over the next 30 years, life had gotten the better of me and after a few timid efforts to ride again I became one of those gas guzzling, high stressed robots I so didn't want to be. Most notably in the years spent busy just living, trying to survive I became an uncontrolled alcoholic.  After attempting rehab and clinical help on several occasions I still remained a very sick alcoholic.  My blood pressure remained daily at almost stroke levels, I was dangerously overweight and I was literally killing myself with every drink.

As much as I hated it at the time, I was finally convicted of a DUI and forced to not drive for a period of one year. Losing my license was the wake up call I needed. I bought a bicycle suitable for commuting for $100 and continued trying to maintain my life. I'll admit, being dependent entirely on my bike for transport was not fun at first, but the physical results became empowering enough to propel me into a sober life. After almost six months sober now, I've lost 50 pounds. I've stopped needing BP medication and I've begun my very fulfilling comeback into the world of Triathlon. I cant express loudly enough how much my bike means to my life, my health, my soul!!! There truly is no better medicine in the world than a little bit of physical effort rewarded with a lot of pride!!!

Incidentally since beginning this comeback journey, I have participated in a number of charity rides/ running races. And as well have begun myself a campaign to raise money for Alzheimers as an Athlete To End Alz.

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