One mile a time

Walter Barrera - Mount Rainier, MD

One mile a time

I started to bike, first because i wanted to lose some weight and then because I've been biking since I was a little kid, my dad was a biker and it's kind of a heritage from him my love for the bikes.

I'm a 30 years old man, originally from El Salvador and back there i used to go everywhere in my old mountain bike, when i moved to the US I stopped biking for about eight years, just last year I thought that it would be a fun way to help myself to get back on shape.

So I when to my local bike shop and bought my first bike in the Us, and I can't be happier with this bike or the service and support that they gave me, i got a hybrid bike because i wanted to try to commute to work and my MB background, so in the beginning i planned to ride three times a week just one way. I live in Maryland but work in Virginia so it's a commute of 19 miles each way and i had to cross Washington DC. That makes me a little bit hesitant to do it but i planned to go to work on bike and come back home on metro.

after the first try I barely made it but i felt so good that I had accomplish such a big trip that i kept doing it for like three months then I did my first round trip, now I ride about 160 miles a week and i have lost about 20 pounds just for biking and feel so proud of myself that my goal for this season is to reach my first century in a single ride. 

There is a lot of things to think when you want to add cycling to you daily routine but it's worth it and I would recommended to any one in search of a healthier and happier life style.

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