New Community, New Bike

Gina N - Bentonville

New Community, New Bike
We moved to Arkansas a year ago. I really liked the fact that this was a community that enjoyed getting out and enjoying the great outdoors! I started getting more active by joining the local community center and going swimming and walking/hiking the great trails in the area. I had a bike but did not really get outside and use it much. 
In September my brother, who is a big road biker, came for a visit so I had to really start biking to get ready for his visit. I found that I really needed to work at it to keep up with him. After he left I invested in a new road bike and now have over 350 miles on it in just two months! I even signed up for a triathlon challenge in October that required me to ride for 112 miles, swim for 2.4 miles and walk/run for 26.5 miles. 
I am now commuting to work on my new bike! I love to get on my bike and ride. I will be sorry when winter weather comes, but will be looking for opportunities to ride when I can.
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