My Mom’s Bike

Jessica Koltz - Stage College, PA

My Mom’s Bike

My first bike that has been the biggest impact on my life was my mother's, from the late 70s from when she went to college. I upgraded it recently to have some awesome pink accents and hope to keep making minor changes in order for it to stay ""healthy"" and reliable.  I first started using her old commuter when I was studying in undergrad and competing at Buffalo for the women's swim team. I started taking my bike to swim and lifting practices in the early morning hours, riding her home after I was done with class for the day, and using her to get to the store or to work.

I started riding my first bike for longer rides the summer following my senior year of competition.  I wanted to stay active but I didn't want to swim as much as I have been for the past ten years, so I started riding my bike.  I rode that bike like it was a road bike, exploring the countryside and the hills throughout the valley of my hometown.  It was so enjoyable taking that bike for the gradually longer rides I took it on, just to get away or to go see some beautiful views.

I still use her as my commuter bike even though I have upgraded twice to a road bike and to a tri bike to race.  That bike is still my classy pink vintage bike, still reliable, still solid, still fun.

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