my beloved "classic" bike

Denise Inight - Albuquerque, NM

I first bought my beloved bike in 1975 after doing much research on consumer reports and selected a very well built (Puch, no longer making bikes) 'mixte' which is now considered to be a 'classic' just like its rider. It's in beautiful shape mainly because I haven't been riding it, but carrying it around from move to move. I've had to deal with several health issues and finally started riding it again last year. I didn't realize how biking and bikes themselves had changed! I have rediscovered my love of riding and ride for my health, to keep my weight done, to keep fit as I and my bike grow even more "classic" and also to enjoy my beautiful state and the peace and quiet of some of our bike trails. I also like that I don't have to use my car all the time, but can ride and reduce my stress while I'm not using fuel - good for me and the environment. I can't really bike to work (yet!), but can bike for recreation of which I am discovering more and more here in Albuquerque. I also like that I am making new friends, and including old ones out for a ride. In the past year, I have gotten two friends out riding regularly, both of my adult children and am presenting bike safety as a report on a degree I'm working on, so may influence others.
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