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David Reeck - Roseburg, OR

Michigan farm > Engineering > China > Electric Assist Bicycles

In the 1960's I grew up on a farm in Michigan, about 4 miles from the small village of Britton and my school. I would ride my Schwinn 1-speed bicycle to school. Since my father was good at building everything and since we had an old lawnmower, I decided to retrofit the bicycle with a lawnmower engine to help reduce the travel time to school.

Then, I attended General Motors Institute of Technology, studied Electrical Engineering, and continued working for GM for a total of 47 years! During that time, I worked in several locations and types of work positions.

The most interesting assignment was during the last 10 years: working for GM in China. China has historically been a country of 100's of millions of bicycles.  But over the last decade, they have transformed into a country of electric bicycles, electric tricycles and low speed (short range) 4-wheel electric cars. China has about 150 MILLION eBikes, growing at about 30 million annually.

When it came time to 'retire' from General Motors and move back to the USA, I wanted to use my background, education and experience. So, I started a small business to sell high quality electric assist bicycles in Oregon. The company name is OReGONbike LLC, and the brand name is "out & ebout". I am in the startup phase, but excited about the new form of transportation/excitement/exercise! I think many other Baby Boomer generation men and women will discover their childhood joy of riding a bicycle (with some help, when needed, like going up a steep hill). See the photo of one of my happy Customers! 

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